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Italian handcrafted shoes

Patina collection

Getting a pair of shoes from our Patine Deluxe collection means to add a refined exclusivity to every outfit, not only to the formal ones. Patina Deluxe is the Franceschetti top-of-the-range collection. Skilled craftsmen work with passion high quality calfskins, recolouring and polishing by hand every single pair of shoes. The recolouring process enhances the craftsmanship and unicity of the product, granting that two pairs of shoes never look perfectly alike. Every shoe takes more than 200 steps before arriving to the end. A selection of colours defines the Patina Deluxe palette: they are the perfect combination between timeless elegance and current trends. Choose your preferite colour and the certainty of an elegant and refined style.

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Dress and shoes: matching the colours

Selecting the right outfit for a social event or anniversary means to match in the proper way dress and accessories and finding the perfect colour combination is undoubtedly the crux. What colour of shoes to choose, to best complete your outfit? Follow these simple tips to enhance the exclusivity of your Made in Italy shoes and choose the colour that best matches with your outfit. The Patina Deluxe collection undoubtedly has a classic mood, but it can match with several outfits styles. Look at the gallery and find out the perfect match between the colour of your suit and the shoes. As a general rule, you can always wear shoes in the same color as the dress.

Navy blue suit

Tone on tone shoes, but they have to be darker than the suit. Other options: a black shoe for a refined result or a cognac/walnut one for a game of contrasts

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Black suit

black shoe, synonym of refined elegance

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Grey suit

For light grey nuances, opt for a bordeaux or dark brown shoe. If your dress is dark grey choose a pair of black shoe

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Patinated shoes: when to wear them

The Patina Deluxe shoes are entirely made in Italy, produced in Montegranaro - Marche region. They are the result of a scrupulous workmanship of high quality materials. The long and patient work and the great attention to details give the shoes a minimal, elegant and refined look. The patina finish let the shoes shine of a particular brilliance: it is the right choice if you attend formal events, such as a gala or theatre evening or art exhibition. You can wear them also for the office if your job requires a formal and professional dress. Each style of our Patina Deluxe collection has been designed to be versatile and suitable for various outfits. Neutral tones such as brown and burnt brown are great if matched with skinny trousers or jeans. The minimal black is a must with formal suits.


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For an evening of elegance

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When the dress code is everything

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How to take care of formal shoes

To take care of your formal shoes is an important and satisfying action. First of all, buying a pair of high quality shoes is a sort of investment and their long lasting can be improved with an accurate shoe-care.This action requires perseverance and dedication. Moreover, leather is a natural material and it needs specific cares to prevent deterioration and preserve its properties. Failing the care, the leather may break, fade in colour and flexibility and the shoes will look much less attractive. Taking care of your handmade shoes means appreciate the art of Italian craftsmanship. Patina Deluxe shoes are handmade by expert craftsmen who employ only high quality materials and many hours of work to realise them. Taking care of a Patina Deluxe shoe means enhance the work and passion employed in the whole production cycle. Lastly, handmade leather shoes are often worn for special events, ceremonies or gala dinners: maintaining them in good conditions means conveying an impeccable and well groomed appearance of yourself.



Why buy a Patina Deluxe shoe

If you are looking for an elegant, timeless and exclusive product choose a pair of patinated shoes. Its key element is the “handmade”. The handmade Patina finish is a long and accurate process, it needs time and dedication and gives the shoes a glossy appearance, also known by the name of “mirror finish”. Pure craftsmanship, both in construction and in finishing of the shoes.

Patina collection

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