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Italian handcrafted shoes

Zoom kit shoecare per pelle
Zoom cofanetto shoecare per pelle
Zoom shoecare Franceschetti
Zoom crema nera per scarpe
Zoom crema neutra per scarpe

Shoe Care kit for leather shoes

The box "Leather shoe" contains a mix of useful tools, suitable for taking care of leather shoes.
It contains:
  • 1 horsehair brush
  • 1 polish spreader brush
  • 2 polishing cloths
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 neutral cream - you can apply it on every color of leather. It nourishes and regenerates it in depth. It can also be used to revive the leather outsole.
  • 1 black cream - specific for black leather, it nourishes and intensifies the leather's colour
How to use the products:
Here are the steps for an optimal cleaning of your leather shoes.
For an optimal cleaning, insert a cedar wood shoetree inside the shoe and proceed as follows:
  1. with the large brush pass over the shoes to remove the dust;
  2. take a small quantity of cream with the top of the sponge and spread it all over the shoe;
  3. spread the cream carefully with the cloth, it helps the absorption;
  4. continue buffing with cloth and fingers to accentuate the shine of the shoe;
  5. with the polish spreader brush take a bit of neutral cream and apply it on the leather outsole, starting from the side profile up to the bottom and the heel;


Shoe Care kit for leather shoes

kit shoecare per pelle
cofanetto shoecare per pelle
shoecare Franceschetti
crema nera per scarpe
crema neutra per scarpe


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