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Italian handcrafted shoes

Goodyear construction: what is it?

The Goodyear construction is a double stitching technique. The upper, welt and insole are sewn together. The welt is a soft leather band that runs all around the outsole. Upper, lining and welt are sewn with the insole. After that, the sole is glued and a second stitching, typical of Goodyear construction, fixes it to the other components. Between the insole and the sole there is a cork filling with gives the shoes good flexibility and breathability of the foot. A shoe with Goodyear construction has no midsole, only a welt sewn to the insole and the cork filling. It has a good flexibility and can be resoled, as well as the Blake Rapid shoe

"Washed" shoe: what does it mean?

Washing a pair of shoes is a particular technique that gives the shoe a vintage look and enhances the beauty proper of a consumpted elegance. When water meets the leather, a distinctive and bold charm is created: the color becomes deeper, the leather is enhanced and renewed. The shoes that undergo this technical process are washed in a sort of wash-machine: a wash only with water gives the shoe a light touch of vintage: if you are looking for a stronger effect, use water and stones.

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The Washed collection: classic but also modern

Imagine to wear an old pair of shoes where time has left its marks, where every single fold, every single sign tells wise stories, full of adventures. The “Washed" collection catches the classic style and transforms it into an attractive and gritty one. Each pair is produced with skilful craftsmanship. During the last step of production, the shoe is washed and the final result is really unique. It’s the fusion between the art of know-how and the strength of character that makes these shoes an essential accessory in every wardrobe. The Washed is undoubtedly a classic collection, but with a modern look and young soul.

Scarpe lavate marroni con outfit invernale Scarpe lavate marroni con outfit invernale
Scarpe lavate nere con outfit elegante Scarpe lavate nere con outfit elegante


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