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Man's suit shoes: a model for any occasion

Here a style guide to learn how to properly match the man's suit shoes. Because no man’s suit can truly be called elegant without a pair of shoes that enhances refinement and originality.

Man's suit shoes: to each his own

"Each shoe a walk. Each walk a different conception of the world ": it is 1984 when Mr.  Nanni Moretti, director of the famous film " Bianca ", told these words.It has been over 30 years ago, but this sentence is still relevant. Actually, nothing as man’s suit shoes can define a person, his style, character and personality. If we want to understand with whom we are dealing with, there is no more immediate way than looking at the shoes he wears. Because the shoes of a man never lie.

Fashion shoes: how to match them with your look

Buying a pair of handmade shoes is not to be underestimated: you can buy a nice and classy suit, but if you do not match it with a right pair of shoes, you risk a dangerous boomerang effect. There are rules for everything and also the shoes for suits can’t escape the dictates of the "fashion etiquette". How can we find the right balance between footwear, color and style of the suit, and the circumstances in which it is worn? Let's start from a must-have of the perfect contemporary dandy: the suit. Suit became a real status-symbol over these years, it is a way to be talked about and to show your own individuality. Taking up the canons of the typical English elegance, nowadays the traditional suit is characterized by a shoulder with a little cut and an hourglass line (with flaps that fall soft along the sides) and trousers with a rather high waist, mainly without brim. The suit usually presents side vents on the jacket, slots are real and can be easily  untied. Special consideration should be given to colors and fabrics because these elements define the exclusivity of the look. A blue man’s suit matches perfectly with a black oxford: this lace-up shoe is synonymous of elegance and is perfect for all occasions where a classy look is required. For those who still wonder if blue and black can be worn together, we can say that they perfectly match and will never suffer the capricious trends of fashion.


Marco Taddei wears the Francesina Liverpool Franceschetti

Another interesting combination is the dark gray suit with black shoes. For those who love the classic but do not mind a dandy twist ... On the other hand, for those who want to enter the casual chic mood, the choice could be jacket and trousers in light gray or in tones more “strong" like green or brown. Your choice for shoes for man’s suit will be between:

  • the derby, more informal and practical (also used to enhance the casual look, often matched with jeans or 5-pocket pants) perfect for all occasions where you want to show off an understated elegance;
  • the loafer, the right shoe for those who want to paint their own look with a touch of undeniable originality.

Marco Taddei's style proposal with Derby Manchester by Franceschetti


Following the fashion trends for this autumn-winter, the right colors to wear are those ones that recall the nuances of earth. Amongst its  highlights, the Pantone Fashion Color suggests colors in the shades of “burned", for a more warm effect and easy to match. A good choice, for a winter less black and more oriented to nature.

The right look for wedding shoes

If you have a special event, such as a wedding or a gala dinner, there is a fixed point  to start: choose elegant man’s suits which comply precise rules of style. Here they are: idark blue or dark gray man’s suit, strictly in plain colors, should be combined with a white shirt and plain black lace-up shoes; black suit is perfect with white shirt, formal black man's shoes and belt in tone; brown is absolutely taboo for both suit and shoes: avoid this color for a wedding; striped or patterned shirts should be avoided: for ceremonies the winner is white color.

Man's shoes and socks: attention to errors of style!

If you talk about man’s sock, the most common images that come in mind are the short sock that reveals skin when you cross-up your legs and...the white sponge sock.  Every fashionist will turn pale at that sight! Nowadays, these two errors almost universally known. Besides them, there are other hidden dangers in which you can incur in combining elegant shoes and suit. Wrong socks can undermine the most successful outfits. To avoid ruinous drops of style, the sock must always match with the hue of shoes or pants, in order not to create a strong detachment when lifting the hem of the pants. Further, with the wedding suit shoes socks must be strictly long and in neutral colors such as blue, gray, black and brown (patterned socks can be used to give a dose of irony to your look but pay attention: never at workplace or in formal occasions). Just a last tip concerning the fabric: always prefer cotton and viscose with the elastic fiber, so that the socks neither thicken the leg nor go down. But how to match the man's suit shoes with the right socks? Here some guidelines: if you wear a blue suit, the shoe must be black and socks of a very dark shade of blue; if you chose a gray suit the shoes can be black or dark brown and socks should be dark gray; if you opted for a suit with blue jacket and trousers of a light color with brown shoes, the socks will be dark blue in order to regain the color of the jacket; if you want to create a look less classic and more trendy, you can match your socks to your tie or to the shirt. In the first case, no need to opt for plain color: you can also choose fancy models paying attention that colors and designs of socks are the same of the tie, otherwise the effect may be jarring. In the second case the combination is valid if the shirt is dark, otherwise it is not advisable to wear clear socks regardless of the type of shoe. Create your own style, discover the entire collection of man’s suit shoes in Franceschetti online boutique. You will surely find the model that suits you ...


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