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Italian handcrafted shoes

The dandy style guide: five rules for the perfect outfit

It is not just a way of dressing: the dandy style is a real philosophy of life, the pursuit of absolute beauty. Here is a guide about how to reach it...

Dandy style: when clothing tells the personality

The dandy style is not for everyone, this is sure. Perhaps because it is "the style" par excellence. And style, you know, it's not something you easily build. It is innate, each one has its own. Therefore, it isn't useful to impose an outfit that does not reflect us. As even Baudelaire said: Dandy you born. Dandyism is not an unbridled taste of clothing and material elegance, as many people seem to believe. For the perfect dandy, these things are only a symbol of the aristocratic superiority of his mind. This post is for you that have a little bit aristocratic soul since ever. It's for you, aware of beauty, of eccentricity without exaggeration, of quality of what you wear. For you, who love to express your personality through clothes, attitudes and ways of doing things. For all of you, dandy inside, that still need to receive a little push to become dandy even outside. Dandyism is a way of life and has to be found in every detail.

Dandy clothing: 5 ideas to become a perfect "modern gentleman”

A style becomes original and elegant thanks to the person who wear it. Here five golden rules for a perfect dandy style, an updated dandy style, of course, because - inverting a famous phrase - style remains ... but fashion goes. And you don't want to be mistaken for the stand-in of Oscar Wilde, don't you ?

The dress

You can’t say dandy style if you don't say clothes or better tailored suit, to be precise. It’s perfect if we speak of a two-button jacket and a slim trouser with clean, elegant, sober lines. But the dandy loves to dare, to stand out to be different, isn't it? Exactly. Focus your attention on fabrics. You can obtain an effect WOW, wearing checked patterns, stripes, Prince of Wales and Tartan. If you want to dare, you can try the suit with gilet, direct heir of Lord Brummel's waistcoat. But keep in mind: less is more, even in sartorial style for the new dandy. Before opting for the most eccentric outfit of your wardrobe, always value the situation!

Marco Taddei wears a light gray pinstriped suit

Even... neck plays its role

Tie or bow tie? This is the question. First of all you must understand what kind of dandy you are. The youngest men - and the most influenced ones by the hipster style - will surely opt for the bow tie.

The tie proposed by Marco Taddei

Nowadays, we find it in every shape and material, from wood to ceramic or glass. We can’t say no to the timeless charm of a thin necktie. This is the truth. If you are looking for a sober and discreet elegance, choose a thin necktie and you will not be wrong. Don't underestimate the bohemian allure of a beautiful scarf around your neck: this one, combined with a well-cut coat, in winter months will give you a perfect dandy look.

Hats off

Do you really want to be noticed? Consider investing in a beautiful felt hat. If you're a true dandy, your hat won't be an excuse for messy hair. They will never be stiff or lacquered. The ideal hairstyle has a side parting and a soft tuft that falls over the forehead.

Marco Taddei wears a dandy felt

Accessories for a perfect dandy style

In order to avoid an excessive look, always evaluate the situation and your own personality. Cufflinks are perfect if you have an important appointment like a ceremony or an elegant dinner. The pocket-watch is suitable just for who love daring, but you must know how to wear it. If you don’t feel at your ease, choose a nice wrist model and you will not be wrong. The sock is strictly up to the knee, in plain color and in Lisle. And what about the pochette? Wear it, of course, without hesitation!

Last but not least ... her Majesty the shoe



Francesina Imperina in light brown color

Considering the total outfit, we believe that shoes are a crucial choice and in matter of shoes we are really skilled (let us say this with a bit of pride!). After choosing carefully your suit, hat and accessories, it's better not to vanify all your efforts wearing a pair of shoddy shoes! Make a single but quality investment: good leather, classic color and a timeless model. We propose three models in particular: the Derby, the Oxford and the Loafer. The Derby for who prefers a more easy look without sacrificing style, the Oxford for lovers of classic elegance, the Loafer for the new dandy. Take a look at Derby Alassio, Francesina Imperia, Pantofola Brighton.


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