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Dress code: style tips for “back to the office”

Dress code shoes for office Scarpe dresso code per ufficio

Dress code or style's freedom?

It's time to come back to the office. This means to face the working day with a proper outfit, respecting the business dress code. Flip-flops and t-shirts... goodbye! Formal suits come back with plenty of unwritten rules that may easily let you fall into error. You have to pay attention in matching clothes with shoes: a pair of oxford shoes always suits a formal outfit but nowadays there are so many changes to the classic style that can easily cause confusion, especially for those conditioned by various influencers, to whom everything seems to be authorized. Let's discover how the choice of an elegant men's shoe can give a professional and self-confident image of yourself.

The mediatic dress code that matches sneakers and suit: a passing trend?

In the last years, sneakers have taken over the fashion world. Now, it's quite normal to see celebrities wearing them under formal suits even on red carpets. To tell the truth, the limited editions of most trendy sneakers have such high prices, as they were the latest version of the iPhone! And buying those shoes online seems like a challenge: the fastest finger on the keyboard wins. There's a persisting and legitimate doubt, that is: is the mediatic dress code proposed by influencers the result of commercial strategies, whose aim is to captive and impress the inexperienced public? We believe in the timeless appeal of the oxford shoes, though they are overlooked by those who think they are trendy. Fashionable men's shoes are undoubtely an inevitable must-have, but elegant men's shoes, such as oxford model, still hold their prestigious position in the formal dress code, especially for the everyday office meetings, that require the right savoir-faire. Even bankers or representatives of the institutions nowadays agree for a more informal dress code, probably to give the perception of being closer to ordinary people. Imagine to be at a board of directors wearing a tank top or at a company meeting in slippers: would you have the same credibility?

Dress code elegant shoes Dress code scarpe eleganti

Doppia fibbia Bath with degradé finish combined with a gray dress with orange stripes

Dress code for elegant shoes: not an imposition, but an opportunity that enhance credibility

Wearing elegant shoes shouldn't be considered an imposition, even if the dress code of our company imposes this choice, but rather as an opportunity to play with a certainty. And man needs certainties in his life. So, in order to come back to the office stronger and renewed, don't still think about the holidays that just ended, wearing colorful hawaiian shirts under the jacket: this would be really sad. Better to focus on the certainty of an oxford shoe and invest in its various matching opportunities, depending on your personal style. Here a guide with some tips on how to match clothes and oxford shoes, together with our considerations. It is important to follow it, especially if you have to adhere to a more strict dress code. Remember: it is the dress that makes the monk and a correct outfit helps to be more credible and authoritative in your own sector.

Dress code for “back to the office”: 5 styles for 5 professions

  • 1. Lawyer: when authority meets credibility, a formal oxford is a must: a shoe without any compromise or hybrid contaminants, that can even be inspired to the ceremonial one. The ideal match is with a tailored suit, like a Caraceni, that combines uniqueness with some touches of eccentricity. Black oxford shoes are the perfect accessory for a double brested suit, that emphasizes your shoulders' profile: for a color's touch, focus on a pocket square or socks. Avoid pinstripes that may look too gangster style.
  • 2. Bank officer: in the banking sector, making the other perceive seriousness and reliability is really crucial. The dress code par excellence consists of a sinlge brest jacket, soft and reassuring in the customer's eyes. Eccentricity is not allowed in this context, because you have to do with life savings. So, opt for an oxford shoe with captoe, in patinated calf leather color black or dark brown, to be worn with a pair of sober dark soks without patterns. No pocket square, no influencer effect. Choose shirts with light patterns in the tones of blue: avoid contrasting collars, which may look too dandy style. Green light to tight ties, they give a youthful and dynamic look.
  • 3. Journalist: the dress code for journalists is almost non-existent and the results are well visible to everyone! Overworn jackets and corduroys, old loden overcoats infused with the smell of cigarette smoke... But there are also journalists who take care of their look, especially those who attend conferences or appear on TV programmes. For example, we can see a reporter that chooses an informal yet stylish derby laceup with rubber sole, to wear under a casual suit in bright colors or opts for a Prince of Wales jacket or an eccentric tartan to wear with chinos, for a british touch. For more mature journalists, Etro can be the reference brand, while Antony Morato can attract the younger ones.
  • 4. Financial consultant: even avoiding the hyperboles of Gordon Gekko, the dress code still aims to emphasize the concept of “shark”. In this context, credibility becomes a crucial matter, so opt for a pinstripe suit in a well textured wool fabric, such as a Zegna. Concerning the shoes, the right choice is an oxford model with toecap and perforations in patinated navy calfskin. The reason is that the perforations on the toe recall the english-style footwear and it is well-known that finance, especially the creative one, is based in London. Avoid suspenders because they are outdated, and overly starched collars.
  • 5. University professor: a mix of authority and culture. For this professional figure, a simple laceup isn't enough, a precious accessory is required. A double monk shoe with toecap in dark brown calf leather and patina finishing is ideal to be paired with a suit or a three-piece ensemble in warm colors. The color of the buckle can be matched with the pocket-watch chain, emphasizing the traditional and historical mood. A bow tie, like Philippe Daverio's one, adds a touch of verve.
Informal black derby Derby informale nero Professor shoes Scarpe da professore

A classic black derby and a glass patinated dark brown bouble buckle

Smart-casual and business-casual dress code : style without excesses

With the evolution of corporate dress code, more and more companies agreed to adopt a smart-casual or business-casual style in the workplace. Let's see which are the best choices for elegant men's shoes, where comfort fuses with elegance. Smart-casual and business-casual dress codes are good for professions such as:

  • 1. Marketing and communication: in creative sectors such as marketing and communications, the smart-casual style combines elegance and informality. Light and dynamic loafers can be matched with chinos and modern shirts.
  • 2. Start-ups and tech companies: within an informal contest, the business-casual code allows a more relaxed yet professional attire. Derby shoes and summer loafers with light rubber sole perfectly match with a casual and modern look.
  • 3. Creative industry: designers, artists and creative in general can express their originality also in their dress code. Double monk loafers in vibrant colors, such as blue or cognac, can be a stylish choice for casual-chic outfit.
  • 4. Catering and hospitality: the business-casual look is becoming more and more prevalent even in ambients like hotels and restaurants. Comfortable and elegant shoes are excellent allies to face long working days with style and comfort. To reserve an elegant welcome to a newly arrived customer is sign of respect and courtesy. Wearing a black derby shoe with rubber outsole is perfect being stand or in movement all day long. A comfortable pair of shoes should be the priority.
  • 5. Sales and commercial activities: for dynamic contests, such as sales and commercial activities, comfortable and elegant shoes, such as sophisticated sneakers, can match well with professional yet versatile looks, suited for different situations.
Elegant sneakers Sneakers eleganti Black mocassin Mocassini neri

Our Francesina Monza, a refined and elegant sneaker suitable for multiple situations and Pantofola Eric, an evergreen moccasin

How to interpret the dress code for a job interview?

Which dress code to choose for a job interview? A job interview is a crucial opportunity to impress potential new employers. Let's see together the ideal clothing for a job interview and how a black oxford shoes can add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, enhancing your personal presentation. Durinig the interview, it is essential to wear a formal and professional clothing. Black shoes combined with a formal suit inspire seriousness and competence. Paying attention to details, such as matching a leather belt with an elegant bow tie, can make the difference in showing your interest and respect for the interview.

Office outfit for autumn season: choose elegant yet comfortable shoes

With the arrival of autumn, it's important to adapt your clothing to the upcoming winter nuances. Let's see together the ideal office outfits, where the oxford shoe perfectly pair with elegant yet versatile suits to face the weather comfortably. During the autumn, you can play with colors and materials to create attractive outfits suitable for the working place. A pair of oxford shoes in calf or suede leather can be easily paired with wool trousers, cotton shirts and lightweight sweaters, creating a sophisticated look, suitable also for cooler temperatures.

Men's shoes combination Abbinamenti scarpe uomo

Francesina Imperia, the most elegant wholecut that is accompanied by a contrast of colors

Men's shoes pairing: how to play with style in the dress code

While the official dress code may impose some limitations, let's see how to play with combinations of men's elegant shoes, to express at best your personal and unique style. Discover how to turn the dress code into an opportunity for creativity and originality. Whether you are a professional or a worker, looking for a way to express your personal style in the workplace, elegant men's shoes can be the starting point for creating a unique and distinctive looks. Dare with colors, textures and combinations to make your own dress code an authentic expression of your personality and professionalism. Remember to read our previous post on how to match colors according to the outfit.

If you enjoyed this post on the dress code, follow us for more tips on the importance of outfits in the professional world and how men's elegant shoes can be the ideal choice to express yourself according to the occasion. Next time we will talk about people that have no formal obligation in the working place. Stay tuned!


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