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How to choose men's groom shoes

men's groom shoes blue men's groom shoes

What are men's groom shoes?

Groom shoesare the protagonists of unique moments: it takes a very long time to choose them and in order to avoid unpleasant pains, we usually start wearing them the day before the event, when we stay cozy at home. This helps the shoes fit better on our feet.
The first meeting with groom shoes usually occurs as the wedding approaches. In that moment the shoe ends to be a detail and becomes the absolute star of the party. But regardless of whether or not there is a wedding in sight – yours or that of a friend of yours – it is always good to start knowing something about this topic with a spirit of curiosity and the desire to get involved. Why? Just try on a pair of groom shoes to understand that they are not like any other. Groom shoes fascinate and amaze you immediately. As long as they're the right ones.

How should a groom shoe be?

black men's groom shoes men's groom shoes in black

Black Francesina Imperia, perfect example of a groom shoe

Men's groom shoes, although belonging to the category of elegant shoes, have distinctive characteristics to always keep in mind.
In particular:

  • The classic groom shoe is laced and black;
  • The upper must be leather and not suede;
  • The groom shoe is preferably smooth, i.e. without stitching or decorative motifs (a decoration around the fastening or a toe-cap are the only possible exceptions);
  • The sole is strictly in leather and with a closed-bottom construction;
  • Polishing is recommended with a semi-matt effect.

Here the question: is there an alternative to the lace-up shoe? Are there men's groom shoes without laces? The answer is yes, there is an alternative. It's the smooth patent leather loafer, which is perfect if you have a dandy spirit and don't like going unnoticed. Clean and essential lines guarantee a chic style, indispensable for the day of the fateful yes or for a gala evening.

The choice of the men's lace-up shoe model

formal derby for men in black patent leather and satin black men's formal derby in patent leather and satin black formal lace-up for men ceremony black lace-up for men's

Derby Total Black and Francesina Simply chic from the Wedding collection

Speaking about men's lace-up shoes, men's formal shoes, like other classic footwear, also include Oxford or Derby models.
How to recognize oxford shoes from derby shoes? The first one is a narrow lace-up model: the cuffs are sewn under the vamp. The Derby, on the other hand, has a wide lacing, as the quarters are free.
The Derbies are more suitable and comfortable if you have a high instep and go well with a less classic dress. The Oxfords, more refined and elegant, are the most chic and stylish choice, perfect for evening ceremonies and in combination with the tight or tuxedo.
Among the oxford shoes for grooms we recommend the Perfect Style model, decorated with toe-cap and perforations, or the Simply Chic, more minimal, where the upper is completely smooth.
If you don't want to give up the Derbies, we suggest the Total Black model in patent leather with satin cuffs. The closed milled bottom is rigorously in leather.

Colors: how to match shoes and dress

Once the model has been selected, it's time to think about the most suitable combination with the dress you will wear. It's true: in general, you choose the suit first and then the shoe, but it can always happen that you fall in love with a model at first sight and want to create your ceremonial outfit based on the shoes you have already purchased. There is basically only one rule to keep in mind: shoes and clothes must be the same colour. Usually the ideal colors, choosing which it is practically impossible to go wrong, are black or blue.

The golden rule: feel comfortable

Whatever your choice, your pair of groom shoes must make you feel at ease. Whether you usually wear classic shoes or prefer sneakers, look for a comfortable men’s groom shoe for you. You will wear it for an entire day.
There are several Franceschetti proposals in terms of classic men's formal shoes. Discover our selection.
And now that your outfit is complete (and your suit is perfectly matched to your men's groom shoes), finally enjoy the day!


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