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Let’s talk about men’s sneakers

The perfect spring outfit to wear since in the morning is a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of white sneaker, isn’t it? With this outfit, you will hardly be wrong.
Sneakers were originally intended as youth sport shoes. Thanks to their comfort and versatility, they have slowly conquered an increasingly large slice of the public, even amongst the more aged.
They are almost essential and indispensable if you choose them in a total white version, perfect for spring.

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What are the origins of sneakers?

The athletes of the Ancient Greece wore flexible shoes to move easily during sports competitions. The Native Americans smeared their feet with a latex paste, obtained from caoutchouc, to protect them from the impact with the ground. In the 18th century the first lightweight shoe appeared in England. In1832 Mr. Wait Webster replaced the leather outsole with a rubber one As he was looking for lightness, even the leather’s upper was replaced with a canvas one. These shoes were named “sneakers" - a derivation of the verb “to sneak"- because their soft and elastic outsole allowed silent movements such as the thieves ones.

Initially called tennis or sport shoes, nowadays they are a distinct element of casual style. Flexible and versatile, they are sports shoes with rubber soles and leather or canvas uppers, or a combination of them. If we are talking about high quality shoes, the inner lining must be strictly in leather, to ensure a natural perspiration of the feet.

Why buying a sneakers?

Why sneakers have so a big success? The answer can be found out in the collective changing of mentality that allowed the trespassing of the dress code’s rigidity. Now there is a totally different vision of sneakers, almost extreme, to the point of declaring that they can be worn ever, from gym to ceremonies This is a real revolution that involves people of all ages and controls the entire fashion world. People love sneakers because they are comfortable, versatile and never trivial. They are perfect both for leisure time, because they are made with soft and resistant materials that guarantee comfort when walking, and in working contexts where you are often standing. Their secret is adaptability: since sneakers can be worn at any time, the outfit options are endless.


For your relaxed casual moments

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In a hurry but in comfortable dresses

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Style without sacrificing comfort

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The same sneaker  under two different outfits for different situations. The versatile accessory par excellence that best completes the look you desire.



Matching clothing and sneakers allows you to unleash your creativity and create trendy and fashionable looks, experimenting with combinations through which you can express yourself. When choosing, do not forget your personal style and the context in which you find.


White Sneakers

White is a passe-partout color, it can be combined with everything. You can create a young and clean look with a white sneaker and a dress of any shade, ideal for a fresh and summer outfit.

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Black Sneakers

Black is synonym of elegance and refinement. If you have to attend to a formal meeting, choose total black.

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Blue Sneakers

Blue is versatile and sophisticated, you can wear it under an elegant dress or with a pair of jeans for a more casual look.

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Brown Sneakers

Brown is a warm color that recalls earth and nature. Pair a brown or dark brown sneaker with a beige dress or a skinny trousers in natural colours.

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Sneakers collection

As you can see, the world of sneakers offers a lot and still has a lot to offer. The advice always remains the same: don't just follow the trends of the moment, but follow your style and wear sneakers that you feel comfortable with.

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