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Men's white sneakers: the passepartout for every occasion

White sneakers Sneakers bianche

White sneakers for every liking

Everybody has at least a pair of white sneakers. Matchable with any look, they are the predominant accessory of the moment, you just can't do without them, especially in the summertime. The perfect outfit to wear in the morning is a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans and a white sneaker underneath, isn't it?
Offered in all sorts of ways by renowned American brands, leather sneakers are now produced by italian footwear manufacturers, too. Quality materials, minimal design and stylish details make these shoes practical and functional, suitable for any occasion and often worn even for formal events. On the big day, bride and groom will certainly have a pair of white sneakers to wear up when the celebrations are at their clue and the dances start ...
Now essential and indispensable, they are the most appropriate spring purchase. Am I wrong if I say that you would buy plenty of sneakers, following the theory "the more I have, the better", so that you are able to choose the most suitable one for your casual-elegant outfit?
Below you find 4 models of white sneakers to wear in any occasions, from casual style to classic chic.

  • 1. Sneaker Lithe: in suede with calfskin details, it has a soft and flexible rubber sole. Perfect combined with jeans and polo. Wear it in your free time for a casual yet sophisticated look;
  • 2. Sneaker Lukas: linear and ultra clean, it's a sneaker in total white calfskin. Definitely the most versatile, it is suitable for completing both casual and more elegant outfits, from skinny trousers to blue dresses. Suitable for the office with a sporty cut blazer, you will be comfortable while maintaining a refined style;
  • 3. Sneaker FRTT Snow: inspired to luxury street style, the FRTT sneaker is a slip on with an original and refined elastic sock. Strictly white fabric, calfskin and patent leather overlap in linear cuts. It is the most chic and exclusive Franceschetti sneaker. You can also wear it for a wedding with a slim cut dress, for an elegant look without sacrificing comfort;
  • 4. T-SWITCH sneaker: an innovative and youthful proposal, it is light, comfortable and modular. Yes, you got it right. You can compose it however you like. In particular, by changing the t-kit, i.e. the tongue and strap kit, you can complete your white sneaker by choosing from a wide choice of colours and materials. The name of the T-SWITCH project refers precisely to the chance of "switching the tongue" of the shoe. The base of the sneaker is always white. To have the total white version, you just have to combine it with the white neoprene t-kit: you can opt for the colored accessory at any time to transform your T-SWITCH sneakers as you like.
FRTT white sneaker FRTT sneaker bianca T-Switch white and blue T-Switch bianca e blu
White sneaker in suede Sneaker bianza in camoscio White sneaker for men Sneaker bianca da uomo

Starting from the top one we have the FRTT Snow, the T-Switch with blue tongue, the Sneaker Lithe in white suede and the Sneaker Lukas

Sneakers what they are

Sneakers, originally intended as youth sports shoes, have slowly conquered an increasingly large slice of the public, even the more aged one, because they are comfortable, versatile and never dull. How did they started?
We have to go back to the athletes of the ancient Greece who wore special footwear for the Olympics to easily juggle among various competitions. Then the American Indians smeared their feet with a latex paste made from rubber to protect them from the impact with the ground. But it was only in the eighteenth century that the first shoes appeared in England, though with a leather sole: flexible, but not waterproof. In 1832 in America Wait Webster lightened the rubber-sole footwear. Then came out the cricket shoes and plimsolls, canvas shoes with a rubber strip on the sides that resembled the waterline of ships. Subsequently they took the name of sneakers - from the verb “to sneak”- because with their soft and elastic sole they allowed silent and stealthy movements... like the thieves’ ones.

Leather sneakers: evolution of a shoe

Leather sneakers Sneakers in pelle

Sneaker Nara in perforated white deerskin, excellent for letting the foot breathe in the summer

Initially called tennis shoes, leather sneakers were only worn for sports. Nowadays, they are distinctive of a casual style.
Comfortable and evergreen of fashion, especially in spring, just seeing them in shop windows makes you want to go out for walks. Flexible and versatile, they are sports shoes with rubber soles, uppers in leather or combined with canvas. If the shoe is of high quality, the internal lining is rigorously in leather, to ensure a natural perspiration of the foot.
Choosing a pair of white leather sneakers is not a trivial matter, considering the huge offer of the websites. However, we would like to recommend you a quality Italian shoe. You will have a refined design, good materials and a definitely more artisanal manufacturing.


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