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Men's Oxford shoes: different styles to match with the proper dress

Men's Oxford shoes: how are they?

Men's oxford shoes have a timeless appeal. They are the most fine and elegant amongst laced shoes. Once they were worn only with formal outfits, nowadays they live a second life thanks to the "mix and match" style proposed by the most famous fashion brands.

Oxford: why this name?

This name derives from its origins: oxonian, a low boot with side-openings, very popular in the nineteenth century at Oxford university. The peculiarity of this model is the "close fastening" where the quarters are sewn under the vamp, giving the foot a sensation of enveloping comfort. This is the reason why wearing an oxford shoes for formal event is the best choice, both you are the protagonist and a guest.

The main difference between an Oxford and a derby is the vamp's sewing. The oxford has the 2 quarters sewn together with the vamp.

Derby and Francesine compared

Derby or Oxford? This is the question of men's fashion

Actually, it's a matter of eye. They look quite similar but have clearly different aims. The Oxford shoe maintains a sort of formal severity, never banality, the derby instead has a casual soul.

They are formal shoes, no doubt about that, but with some simple tips they can be suitable for various outfits.

It is now for sure that the Oxford holds the record of men's elegant shoes, including elegant youthly men’s shoes.

To know more about it, read the post Derby and Oxford shoes: what are the differences?

A life-telling men's shoe: the lace-up Oxford

The lace-up Oxford came out several decades ago, worn by English and Irish farmers and agrarians. For their great versatility, they are soon spotted by the aristocracy and adopted especially by the young of important families, who begin to wear them on university campuses. The origin of this model dates back to the seventeenth century, when it began to spread in the aristocratic class close to the royal courts. It is therefore 500 years that the Oxford man's shoe stands out among the elegant ones and is suitable to tell the life steps of those who choose to wear them.

Oxford men's shoes at the feet of English university students

Men’s Oxford shoes: how to match them

Someone said that to match shoes is art. Being able to do it with imagination is charm. The question now seems obvious: how to match Oxford men's shoes with the right mix of technique and charm?

The possibility of spacing with imagination allows continuous trespassing over the thin red line that divides the formal from the informal. In this passage the Oxfords, considered the shoes for men’s suits par excellence, begin to get by great! Formal outfits alternate with casual ones: what changes is the detail of the shoe, its color, decoration, toe.

So here’s what to take care of: the details. It’s a rule that applies to all seasons, with the right care to the raw materials.

Which is the right dress to wear with an Oxford men's shoes?

if you have a pair of Oxford and you purpose is to obtain a stylish outfit, here 4 suggestions for you:

1. Simple dress

Jacket, waistcoat and trousers of the same fabric, perfect as office wear and formal events. The key is the color, absolutely blue or grey. If you wear a blue suit, you can choose between a white or light blue shirt. If you wear a grey suit, the only option is a white shirt. And what about Oxford men’s shoes? Strictly black, always

2. Pinstripe

With a pinstripe suit your look turns undoubtedly to formal, thanks to its pattern with light stripes on gray or blue background. The right men’s Oxford shoes? The blue or brown one.

The Smoking perfectly match with men’s Oxford shoes - ph. Maurizio Miri
The Francesina Liverpool matches perfectly with a blue or grey suit.

3. Tight

The suit to wear before 6 p.m. The Tight has a grey jacket with wingtips and grey trousers lightly pinstriped. A plain Oxford cannot miss.

4. Smoking

It is the dark suit par excellence. The jacket can be single-breasted or double-breasted, strictly tied. Trousers have silk borders: a pair of man’s Oxford shoes is a luxurious and natural completion of this outfit

And now it’s your turn!

How to change your look? You can dare with a pair of men’s Oxford shoes in two-tones, worn with jeans and shirt. Have fun with your imagination and create various outfits straddling casual and formal look.



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