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Italian handcrafted shoes

Dress shoes for men: the definitive guide

Dress shoes for men: the definitive guide

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes and immediately felt completely at ease? You might have thought it was simply a coincidence. In reality, there is a scientific explanation for this: this is what experts call “embodied cognition”, that is the power of actions that influences our thoughts. 

If you thought that shoes were merely an accessory, perhaps after reading this article, you might change your mind.

You are going to explore the world of men's elegant shoes, a detailed guide on how to enhance your style and feel always at top, considering the context. 

What are the best men's elegant shoes?


It is commonly thought that elegant shoes are synonym of low comfort.

Shoes with leather outsole aren't as soft as the ones with rubber outsole, this is true. But if you buy a pair of leather shoes of good quality, you can surely appreciate their comfort.

We can therefore say that discomfort depends more on the quality than on the model of the shoe.

To have the maximum comfort, it is mandatory that raw materials are of primary quality: the fine sole construction does the rest. An elegant shoe of excellent quality is produced with natural materials: it has both the upper and the lining in calf leather, the outsole as well as the heel are made of leather, correctly assembled, so that flexibility is granted. All these features allow the feet to move naturally, without compromising style. Moreover, the attention to fitting and anatomical foot shape minimize the risk of fatigue and discomfort.


Model dressed in white wears elegant brown ankle boots from the Franceschetti collection.

Polacco Livigno worn under elegant white dress

Types of men's elegant shoes

Real statements of style, they reveal the personality of the wearer at every single step: among the various models available, it is a must to have at least one pair in your shoe rack. Let's see them together:

  • Derby: their feature is an open lacing that grant a good fitting to all types of feet, even those with width instep. Classic design and versatile, you can wear them both for formal and informal events. Perfect for the office or evening dates.
  • Oxford: icon of elegance, a must have for every men's wardrobe. They have fixed and sewn quarters so that the lacing remains closed. We recommend this model to people with regular or low instep. They are terfect choice for formal events or special rendez-vous. The most refined is the whole-cut version, as our Imperia shoe. 
  • Buckle: they add a touch of elegance and originality to every outfit. They can have one or two side buckles and are the right choice for those looking for exclusivity. Great to be worn with formal clothes, they can also complete more casual looks.
  • Boot: a perfect combination of functionality and style. The more sporty styles have an anti-slip sole which makes them good for frosty or adventurous days. 
  • Sneakers: a great equilibrium between comfort and design. The ideal choice for a look casual chic, they add a stylish and contemporary touch to every outfit.
  • Loafer: an elegant and timeless option for those men who look for comfort and style. A laceless shoe, excellent for an easy but sophisticated look. 
Collage of photos of elegant Franceschetti shoes

Elegance at the highest levels. Among the most refined models to choose from: the Blue Francesina Monza (left), the Polacco Livigno Bruciato (centre) and Doppia Fibbia Cannes ( right)

Men's elegant shoes: when to wear them

When wear elegant shoes? Here a list of situation where wearing a pair of elegant shoes is a must. For each of them, we will also suggest a Franceschetti model 

  • Wedding: among the many decisions to take, the choice of shoes is as important as exciting. Whether you are the groom, his best friend or simply a wedding guest, wearing the right model of shoes represents an authentic statement of class, style and refinement. We offer you our oxford Imperia, with a minimal but sophisticated design, in black calfskin with a patinated finishing.
  • Graduation: the moment in your life when dreams turn into reality, hopes and years of hard work become a tangible success. Whether you are the protagonist or a proud supporter, the outfit must meet the expectations of this occasion. It's time for an elegant shoe, essential to complete the look and make it unforgettable. We suggest you::

    1. an oxford with cap toe, such as Savona;
    2. a double buckle with a patinated finishing, such as Genova, for a fresh and gritty look.
  • Important events: a pair of elegant shoes are not merely a detail, they are the key of your look, the visual sign of your style and personality. For your eighteenth birthday or a retirement or a special anniversary such as a golden or silver wedding, there is one element of your outfit that cannot go unnoticed: your shoes. For a formal look, wear our oxford Perfect Style or our derby Alassio. If you prefer a more casual-chic look, choose the sneaker Alessio.
  • Religious events: baptism, communion, confirmation or marriage, clothing plays an important role in these moments and elegant shoes are not simply an accessory but a tribute to the beauty and solemnity of the ceremony and a way to honor traditions and values. If you are wearing a suit, our refined sneaker Lukas, available in total white, blue or black, is the perfect match.
  • Work: an elegant shoe to wear during the working day symbolizes your attention to details and the cure you put in choosing what to wear in formal situation. For a meeting with your colleagues or simply for a day at work, we suggest you linear models such as oxford Vicenza or the sneaker Elia.
  • Romantic date: whether you choose a classic pair of moccasins, like the Harry loafer, or a refined oxford like the Simply Chic one, elegant shoes are the perfect solution for a special moment, to share with those you love. Are you ready to conquer the heart of a special person, step by step?

Collage of photos for outfits in which it is recommended to wear elegant Franceschetti shoes

For a romantic dinner choose Oxblood Pantofola Brighton (left), while for a work or religious event choose the Francesina Savona in black (centre) or in dark brown (right)

We are sure that all these informations will allow you to choose consciously the best model of shoes for any occasion, filling your wardrobe with the right shoes, able to enhance your elegance and personal style. 

 Article by Federica Zingarelli.



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