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SOS perfect shoes: the guide for the right choice

SOS scarpa perfetta: la guida per scegliere bene in ogni occasioneSOS scarpa perfetta: la guida per scegliere bene in ogni occasione

“Tell me which shoes you wear and I'll tell you who you are”. Seven minutes are enough to reveal some important character's aspects, just observing what shoes you are wearing: did you know? This is what the “Journal of Research in Personality” states. The research has been carried out by the Kansas University – USA (Gillath et al, 2012). So, be careful because it only takes 7 minutes to make a bad impression in your special days!

It is not only a matter of matching the shoes to the outfit: the fact is to understand what you want to communicate. If you wear a pair of studded boots for your first job interview you would express a rebellious nature, typical of those who love to impose themselves on others. Do you really want to make such an impression to your future boss? Don't worry! We prepared this mini-guide to help you to be flawless on every occasion, without giving up your personality.

Let's make a premise.

The ideal shoe is the one you never want to take off

We all know that awful sensation of wanting to take off the shoes in the middle of the day, while we are rushing from one part of the city to another for appointments, or while we are standing for hours during a meeting or more simply when, invited to a wedding, we try “to survive” a sumptuous lunch.

The reason is that the shoes we are wearing don't grant an appropriate comfort and how long we succeed in taking them on reveal their quality. It is not only a matter of price, but also of quality and production's accuracy, starting from the choice of raw materials up to the manufacturing process. If there is a golden rule to start with in our selection, it is to prefer shoes whose fit never puts us in the condition of "making a misstep". Aesthetics must not sacrifice well-being.


Scarpa Francesina Imperia della Collezione FranceschettiScarpa Francesina Imperia della collezione Franceschetti

In the picture, our Francesina Imperia


Discover Franceschetti: emblem of elegance and comfort on every occasion.

As mentioned above, it is not merely the action of wearing “something”, but it involes your will to comunicate who you are. If your goal is to be impeccable through a refined style with Franceschetti shoes you got it! Choose the right shoes for every occasion has never been so easy.

For each model, we work to find the most suitable materials to pamper your feet without giving up a fine appeal so that you can stand out in every context. Our shoes know how to tell your story with the right amount of sophistication and personality, from ceremonies to romantic dates or meeting and special events. We are ready to follow you in your fantastic life journey. Here a detailed list of our best seller, split per type of event.


If you are going to attend an important ceremony, such as a marriage or communion , you cannot make mistakes. All celebrations, especially those of religious nature, deserve adequate attention when choosing the outfit, in consideration of your role.

  • The groom: you have to shine by walking along the church's nave and then stand in the middle, waiting for your bride. Your shoes must express reliability, safety and above all confidence about the future. The versatility of Francesina Imperia is our “yes” for your special day. The whole cut of this model, as well as the valuable black calf leather with Patina finish is suitable both for elegant suits, such as tuxedo or tailcoat, and the classic tailored ones. Imperia is available in black and haselnut color: we suggest to opt for the black one, timeless, impossible to go wrong. The comfortable fit, thanks to the leather sole, will allow you to enjoy every single moment and focus exclusively on your emotions;
  • The wedding witness or godfather: your role is important but you are primarily a “support”. You have to express yourself with discretion and refinement. Your perfect ally Francesina Perfect Style Its typical “brogue" workmanship and the perforations on the blue calf upper will be that original touch that allow you to fully express yourself in your role. They will look great under a classic blue dress with linear cut;
  • For a guest: ourSneaker Lukas is a superb compromise fot those ones who want to give a casual-chic touch to their look. The derby lacing, the white details of laces and tongue combined with the quality of prestigious blue calfskin will create a perfect balance between style and verve.


Elegant men's formal shoes Scarpe eleganti uomo da cerimonia Men's formal sneakers Sneakers uomo da cerimonia

Choose between the elegance of Francesina Perfect Style and the casual-chic style of Sneaker Lukas


A premise: having the privilege of taking part to a gala dinner doesns't happen so often and above all it doesn't happen to everyone. The exclusivity of such events is sometimes perceived right from the invitation, in which a specific more or less formal dress code is required. Men's invitations are often splitted in “Black tie invited”, that is obligatory tuxedo, “White tie invited”, that is obligatory tailcoat and “Creative black tie”, that is you can opt for a semi-formal suit. Whatever your case, you can't go wrong with our oxfords: choose between Savona, Imola or Simply Chic, letting yourself be inspired by your personality.

Business appointment

The question is: do you feel more “gentleman” or “The wolf of Wall Street”?With our shoes you can freely choose who you want to be without constrictions, based uniquely on your mood and the type of customer you are going to meet. n case you feel like a gentleman, the Francesine Liverpool: is right for you: details such as captoe and the Blake Rapid stitching on a totally black shoe communicate a sensation of self-confident man. If you feel more “The wolf of Wall Street”, we suggest our glamorous Derby Manchester with its comfortable and versatile open lacing it stand out the character and ease typical of a business man. On the other hand, if it is a more relaxed meeting you could dare with our Francesine Vicenza, ideal for “keeping up” with the frenetic metropolitan life.

Romantic date


Scarpa Doppia fibbia Yari indossata sotto un pantalone bluScarpa Doppia fibbia Yari indossata sotto un pantalone blu

Comfortable and stylish: choosing our Doppia fibbia Yari you will surely make a great impression.


You are now aware of the fact that Franceschetti can take you everywhere, especially when the final destination is the one that makes your heart beat. Your romantic dinner turns into a breathtaking experience with the atmospheres evoked by the Doppia fibbia Yari, which stands out the magic of an evening spent in town without sacrifing functionality.

If you are dreaming about a cozy picnic at the park, opt for our Sneaker Alessio very stylish with its oxford-lacing. Choose the light brown tone: with the sun painting the sky in red and orange, your contagious energy will make the moment absolutely magic.

If you are dreaming a date on the beach, here our Pantofola Eric rigorously in calfskin, with its band it will express a charming luxury, granting the relax you deserve. The sea breeze touches your face, you will feel enveloped in the warmth of the evening, aware of having made the perfect choice for an unforgettable evening.

Events, trade shows and festivals

If you want to do a full immersion into the boho-chic mood, as the californian Coachella festival, we offer both the Ankle-boot Kelso and the Sneaker Lithe. These models are a fantastic combination to feel in harmony with the energy of musical meeting. Amongst the crowd, the vibrant colors and the sound surrounding you, there will be only positive vibes to catch.

Sneaker Elia provides freedom to live open spaces such as the trade shows ones, whatever they are. At any promotional meeting with your international stakeholders, you will bring with you an immediately recognizable business card. You will give the image of a concrete man, who does not give up practicality and knows how to surfe the on the waves of the buzz of his business trips.

Wearing a pair of Franceschetti you will leave your imprint at every step. This will be your stylish mark that makes you the absolute protagonist. Discover our wide collections and be ready to live every single moment with the right quantity of refinement and determination. Choose who you want to be and communicate it to the world, as only you can do.


Article written by Alessia Capo. 


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