Wedding accessories: what the groom should not give up

wedding accessories for the perfect groom

Wedding Accessories: details  that should not be underestimated to be a cut above and to stand at the altar with style.

Wedding accessories are essential for a perfect outfit. Each bridegroom should choose them carefully, in order not to deface beside his bride who has surely matched everything, even to the smallest detail. The bride has already devoted lots of time to preparations, she has done several tests for apparel, makeup and hairstyling. So, dear men, try to be up … after all, there are not many things you need to pay attention to!

Wedding Accessories: 6 must have for a refined bridegroom 

Select accessories for the groom is not easy, but with this short guide everything will be easier and the result will be amazing. The most important thing to consider is that you have to feel at ease with each item. So…

  1. Bow tie or tie? A complex choice if you consider that the so-called bow tie in recent years became fashionable. Surely the bow tie is a suitable supplement for a bridegroom rather young and daring, for a chic and easy style. It must be strictly in nuance with the dress: patterns and colors too fanciful might turn you into a clown, even though you don’t realize it. The tie is the male accessory par excellence: it frames the face and brightens the eyes. It is a complement that allows the free expression of your personality, you can choose it plain, with thin lines or fantasy as long as sober and strictly in silk. Best to avoid cravats and large knots that would only burden your accessories Franceschetti black patent derby shoe
  2. The collar of the shirt, if chosen properly, will enhance your face. If you have a round or chubby face choose the italian collar; instead, if your face is lengthened than the right choice is the collar in the French style. Avoid collars too high because they may give the effect to wear a high stiff collar.
  3. The Twins: indispensable for the shirt with double cuffs. Preferred ones in gold, silver or mother of pearl, they are so refined! If you have those ones of your grandfather, wear them … something old may also bring luck!wedding accessories
  4. Belt, band or braces? Usually the most popular is the belt and in this case it must be perfectly matched to the shoes and enriched by a buckle. It should be not too big to avoid “cluttering” under the jacket or vest. Concerning the band, original and refined, it is destined to a bridegroom with a thin figure because it inevitably highlights his waist. The braces will be perfect for the groom who chooses a hipster look, or more informal.
  5. Wristwatch or pocket watch? The first one, worn with a leather or steel strap and choosen in the right size, is the expression of a simple choice. The second one, with a chain sticking out of the pocket, gives a vintage and original touch.
  6. Men’s formal shoe is definitely the most important among the wedding accessories. Let’s talk about models: Oxford shoe with his tight lacing is undoubtedly the most elegant because it  perfectly matches with pants in lightweight fabric, usually worn for special occasions. An Oxford shoe cannot miss in the shoe rack of a gentleman and if the raw materials are precious, such as those ones of ceremony collection signed by Franceschetti, it will be like an investment. Another choice can be a Derby shoe, refined but less formal. wedding accessories Franceschetti black calf leather derby shoeFinally the slipper, for a future husband who does not give up his new dandy soul, even for his wedding day. The outsole must be a single leather sole: this construction gives lightness to the whole outfit and let the feet free to breath. Concerning colors, the choice is between black and blue, both of them elegant par excellence. The finest materials are the shining patent leather and the brushed calf one, carefully accessories Franceschetti black patent loafers

Now wedding accessories are no longer a taboo for you … you have all tools to compete on equal terms with your beloved future wife!





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  • Thanks for sharing this informative blog on the what to wear in a wedding. This guide will help a lot of people in choosing the perfect attire for a wedding. It certainly helped me a lot. I am looking forward to reading more interesting articles in the future.

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