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Wedding accessories: what the groom should not give up

wedding accessories for the perfect groom

Wedding Accessories: details  that should not be underestimated to be a cut above and to stand at the altar with style. Wedding accessories are essential for a perfect outfit. Each bridegroom should choose them carefully, in order not to deface beside his bride who has surely matched everything, even to the smallest detail. The bride has…

Men’s formal shoes: Franceschetti’s tips for a perfect groom

Men’s formal shoes: Franceschetti’s tips for a perfect groom. Men’s formal shoes: you can recognize an elegant groom from his feet. Men’s formal shoes are a detail that a man that has good taste should always keep in mind, especially in his wedding day. There is also to consider a great chance. The groom came out from the darkness, where he had been relegated, to achieve the role of co-star that actually belongs to him. Even for him it is the most important day of his life and also for him from this day things will change … for the best, hopefully. To give you an idea of the change, you should know that attention to detail, in terms of beauty, is the same both for her and for him: body care, hair, rasage and detox diets for a look radiant and full of energy. But vanity is not a feminine feature: also men book manicures to show off their hands under photographers flashes during the exchange of wedding rings.