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Wedding accessories: what the groom should not give up

wedding accessories for the perfect groom

Wedding Accessories: details  that should not be underestimated to be a cut above and to stand at the altar with style. Wedding accessories are essential for a perfect outfit. Each bridegroom should choose them carefully, in order not to deface beside his bride who has surely matched everything, even to the smallest detail. The bride has…

Formal shoes: the stylish groom detail

Formal shoes: elegance begins from the toe. Handmade formal shoes? It’s the best choice to stand out in your wedding day. If the bride has many possibilities to be elegant, feminine and to stand out among witnesses, bridesmaids and guests, for the groom is more difficult to get noticed without sounding ridiculous, over the top and exposed to criticism of more chatterboxes. Wearing a classic suit, there is the risk of sounding featureless, but focusing on details you’re done. You just have to follow some little advice.
Ceremony shoes: strong point of good manners of gentleman groom
To let the dream comes true, it’s important that harmony existing between the Bride and Groom is reflected also on their clothes. Some clue about bride’s dress is essential to avoid mistakes by the groom. Your future mother in law will help you…