Spring Summer Shoes 2016: begin the warm season on the right foot!

Spring Summer Shoes 2016: any style at your feet

An ancient and picturesque village of Roman origin, in the green of the hills of the Marche: here is how the landscape has been the backdrop to the new spring summer collection shoes signed Franceschetti.

And how many outputs strokes from the hands of a skilled painter, so the shoes s / s 2016 crowd the canvas of summer with the elegance and sophistication that only the craftsmanship made in Italy can offer. The result is a succession of models and styles that ferry the contemporary dandy in a world where the classic is always the trendiest.

Spring Summer Shoes 2016: classical” collection

Black and testamoro are the colors that are in the spotlight in the classic collection of spring summer shoes signed Franceschetti. One example is the Francesina Ferrara: oxford with push pin in testamoro calf, the bottom has built with double leather and Blake Rapid Flex stitching. This fixing system to the vamp adds to the quality and strength of the Blake Rapid stiching the flexibility of the bottom shoes, eliminating the rigidity that characterizes the traditional manufacturing.

spring summer shoes franceschetti

The fund with focus print enhances the exclusive and sophisticated design of Francesina making it a perfect model to wear with a smart casual look. The ideal combination is with unstructured jackets,lived” jeans and sweaters in crisp cotton.

Classicism winks at innovation for the Derby Piacenza, the shoe in brown buffalo leather with hammered effect and bottom double leather. This model enriches the spring summer Franceschetti shoes collection 2016 giving it a chic urban touch. Perfect with a denim ankle, a plain shirt with pastel colors and a jacket in easy version, this derby best complete any outfit with a touch made in Italy that only true handmade shoes can give.

spring summer shoes franceschetti

A collection to be discovered that is able to suggest a less constrained formal code, but more free and fit for your look!

Active glam, the line that makes the formal a game …of style!

The elegance of the classic collection is accompanied by a line that comes from the desire to make the modern gentleman chic even in his moments of relax. Models of sporting history, it is true, but in this increasingly glamorous.

Grenoble, in fact, is the basket model sport ankle boot in hand-dyed natural colored calf leather. The rubber bottom cassette is stitched and wrapped leather: a perfect particular to link together class, quality and comfort: a spring summer shoe for those who like simple, but still stylish, outfit.

spring summer shoes franceschetti

Spring Summer Shoes 2016: when is the versatility to lord

There is only one word that dominates the contemporary man’s wardrobe: versatility, id est the ability to transform their outfits depending on the circumstances. Franceschetti shoes in the collection for spring summer 2016 could not miss, then, proposals to make you always impeccable, behind the desk or at play. And, why not, allow yourself to dare a little!

An example? The slipper Portovenere, unlined with band and stitching moccasins, is in black kangaroo leather. The fund is lightweight leather with blake stitching.

spring summer shoes franceschetti

The new spring summer collection shoes 2016 signed Franceschetti is a kaleidoscope of styles and models to discover and wear. Visit now our store and experience starring the beautiful season!

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