shoe cleaning cream

Pulizia della scarpa

Shoe cleaning

Shoe care is essential if you want that these master craftsmen’s artworks survive through the time. Buying a pair of luxury classic shoes is a rewarding and satisfying experience, but the real challenge for a lover of this accessory is to store it over the time. We can say that shoe is something alive and, if treated in the right way, it can extend its beauty even for 10-15 years. The trick is to have a constant dedication and not a one-off: certain attitudes will become part of the daily ritual of attention to the things of the gentleman of modern times. But how to achieve the aim?

Luxury shoe care kit by Franceschetti

Luxury shoe care kit by Franceschetti

SHOE CARE: six golden advices for a long lasting life

1. At its first use, a pair of new shoes should not be worn for the whole day, but few hours a day, with an upward trend, until the foot does not fit the new last and the new sole of the shoe;

2.Let stand the shoes: don’t wear them for two consecutive days. In this way, shoes will be able to dry out moisture and the sweat of the foot, even if you have worn socks;

3. Use always a shoehorn, both for laced shoes and moccasins: in this way the buttress (the leather insert presents in the heel between the lining and the upper) will not be subjected to pressures and will gain in duration;

4. When you take off your shoes, wear comfortable slippers; remember to place a wooden shoetree inside the shoes, even if the shoes are wet. In this case, put them on their side to allow a better drying, never bring them closer to a radiator or heat sources;

wooden shoetrees and shoe care kit

Wooden shoetrees and shoe care kit

5. Remember to clean your shoes after each use: use a soft brush, or a natural bristles, remove the dust from the upper and seams, then if the shoe is made of leather, pass a small quantity of gloss, using a soft cloth (in the next post we will see all cleaning products);

shoe cleaning cream

Shoe cleaning cream

6. Put away the shoes only when they are completely dry, inside cardboard boxes, never use plastic bags, in order to allow a proper air flow inside shoe racks.

Now you know how to extend the life of your shoes, whatever they are elegant, handcrafted or for leisure time. The shoe care is really important … someone says that “shoes are the mirror of the soul” …

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