Bottom stock construction and Blake Rapid sewing

Bottom stock construction and Blake Rapid sewing

The application of the sole defines of upper and bottom.
All Franceschetti footwears are sewn with the traditional Blake Rapid method.
Once the shoe is on the last, the first sole (middlesole-leather) is applied which is stitched with blake sewing machine to the insole-leather and to the calf leather upper.
A first adhesive is smeared on middlesole-leather and lasted shoe.
The shoe is pressed by the sole cementing machine , then before blake sewing the last is slipped.
The blake sewing sews the insole-leather and the middlesole-leather and it is visible inside the shoe.




The shoe is re-lasted and a second adhesive is spreaded on middlesole-leather and sole. A rubber or leather sole is applied, then the shoe is pressed again by the sole cementing machine and the sole is roughed round.





The rapid sewing machine sews the second sole or treadsole-leather to the middlesole-leather
If the shoe has a welt, the rapid sewing machine inserts and sews it. The rapid seam is clearly visible on the welt and the bottom of the sole. If the shoe hasn’t a welt, it is visible only on the bottom of the sole.
The structure of the welt with the middlesole-leather guarantees the shoes will fit the foot perfectly and an excellent air permeability.
The double stitched Blake-Rapid shoes has got the advantage to guarantees the best possible imperviousness to water and durability of the bottom and also the possibility to be easily resoled.



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