Navy style, an evergreen of fashion…

Comp. stile navy


The days begin to give us more hours of sunshine, the weather is mild and the desire to stay outdoors grows. Today we suggest the navy style, an evergreen of fashion collections for spring ,  inspired by the colors of the sea. Blue and white stripes appear on cotton pull and polo shirt; they are made more attractive by the addition of touches of red. Outerwear are lightweight and waterproof, designed to be easily placed in your suitcase without taking up too much space. But the dock style also includes comfortable shorts to wear with a shirt to feel  yourself always flawless.

999 blu e rosso

Navy Style: Our Shoes

Even the footwear world  is more than ever   closer to the sea , mixing timeless details and innovative materials. The derby of the line 999 by Franceschetti, dressed in  a blue soft suede with a lightweight sole in EVA has red laces and midsole; the printed   lining  with its pattern  in  blue and white  is really chic !  It perfectly matches the seafaring theme and adds an injection of style to a purely casual look.  Are you ready to  set sail, towardsfaraway beaches?

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