Monk strap Franceschetti: the shoe with buckle

Monk strap: classic but casual style shoe at the same time

The monk strap is mostly known as the shoe with the buckle. But what is it? It’s essentially a derby, not closed by laces but through a side band which ends with a buckle. The monk strap wraps the instep, dresses it and makes it elegant. Then it’s the buckle that gives it an authoritative touch … almost noble. It’s a very charming model: it was the shoe of the nobles between 1600 and 1800, but also the one of the Three Musketeers and that of the Pirates. Its origins seem to be, however, very modest, because it derives from the monks’ sandals laced on one side.

Franceschetti proposes different monk strap models, which go from the smooth leather versions to the brogued ones. The shoe with buckle has the advantage that there aren’t laces which can break. You should wear it with a straight and not too long pant, otherwise the buckle may get caught with the hem.

Monk strap… for the morning

Some models are more suitable for morning suits or for a casual chic look. The shoe with buckle Follonica is gritty and stylish at the same time: it is closed by a buckle and it is decorated with fringe. The upper in calf leather is hand painted in fawn and natural color and decorated with flowers and perforations. The sole is in double leather stitched with Blake Rapid system.

Monk strap Follonica with fringe handpainted Franceschetti

The double buckle Montecarlo is more classic. Its upper is in natural calf leather hand dyed in shades of brown and has a cap toe with perforations. The sole is in double leather sewn with Blake Rapid method.

Monk strap Montecarlo in leather Franceschetti

The black monk strap is much more elegant. It’s in calf leather with cap toe decorated by perforations and has a double leather sole stitched with Blake Rapid system. This double monk strap looks very refined and it is perfect for formal situations during the day, such as business appointments.

Monk strap Franceschetti in black leather

Buckles catch the eye and they should be chosen with care: their size should be sober compared with the shoe. The monk strap Franceschetti is sophisticated. The metropolitan gentleman is always looking for this style. Hurry up and discover the available models on our online boutique…

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