Man suit : an essential element for a refined groom

man suit and shoes for groom

Man suit: important tips for a successful choice

In recent times, the man suit attracts more and more the attention of the groom, both during the periods of preparations and in the wedding day, when all guests admire him. The attention given to him certainly is not the same to the one given to the bride! Anyway, his choice has to be really accurate.

Fashion designers do not spend lots of creativity in terms of groom fashion, but there is no doubt that men ask for a sort of par condicio for the wedding day and in the last years it seems that they reached it. Despite the bride continues to draw upon her the eyes of all guests, the days in which the groom decided quickly the outfit for his wedding are really far away. Nothing is leaved at chance, the sartorial suit remains the favorite choice and great attention is given to details. General mood of the cerimony, favorite colors of the bride, used for ornaments and decorations, the figure of the groom…all these details influence the choice of the man suit. Maybe that the selection of accessories takes more time than the foreseen, but the choice is really wide.

man suit: blue and black the best colors for wedding

Man suit colors: the right choice is blue or black

Man suit: different models for different men

Every groom has his own outfit! Here our tips for a perfect look:

  • if you are tall and thin, you can choose every outfit you want, without conditions. You can opt for jackets slim fit and tight pants, they will highlight at best your figure;
  • if you are tall and sturdy choose a custom made dress, with frock coat and waistcoat that cleverly hide your extra pounds. Even the double-breasted jacket is a valid option;
  • if you’re not too tall and thin, avoid long jackets, they do not help to slim your figure. An elegant three pieces is the right choice for you;
  • finally, if you are small and sturdy, choose dark colors, excellent to thin the silhouette.

But an outfit is not perfect without the right shoe, to be chosen after that all details have been defined.

For your wedding day, the best choice is a shoe of high quality and Made in Italy, that can be used again for many other events…. a true gentleman always needs an elegant shoe to wear! Blue and black are the more suitable colors, they are synonim of refinement and style. If the event is in the evening, you can opt for a shoe in patent leather, this choice will give a sparkling touch to the whole. You can choose your model amongst Derby, Oxford or Loafer. Choose the latter only if you feel a really Dandy…even today!

Shoes for man suit for wedding dayShoes for man suit for wedding day: derby in black patent leather and satin, loafer in black patent leather

Another option is a shoe in brushed calf, an evergreen that let no chance of error. Choose a derby with plain upper or an oxford shoe in the same version or with cap toe.

Shoes for man suit for wedding day: oxford with plain upper or cap toeShoes for man suit for groom: an oxford with plain upper or cap toe?

Finally, if you want to be extremely refined with a special touch of glamor, you can enhance your outfit with a derby in satin and patent leather. To dare and be chic at the same time…

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