Made in Italy shoes: Franceschetti’s creations since 4 generations

Made in Italy shoes for lovers of avant-guard tradition

Made in Italy shoes stand out for a know-how that perfectly goes with passion for work. For Franceschetti family it was and it is  still now  something more …  it’s a true love that lasts  even  after four generations.   The grandfather of current owners starts the production of shoes in the downstairs shop,  in the early of the twentieth century, in Montegranaro, the heart of shoe district. Each product came to life with love, tenderness and it literally took shape in the hands of grandfather Adelio.

Made in Italy shoes: working moments at Franceschetti; black and white picture

Made in Italy shoes: working moments at Franceschetti; black and white picture

His skill has been passed down to his sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They proudly carry on the family business, expression of made in Italy, or better said, of an authentic Made in Marche. The fourth generation aims on internationalization in order to make  the made in Italy shoes loved  all over  the world: from Germany to Russia up to Japan via the United States.

Made in Italy shoes: the choice of the new dandy

The Dorian Gray of modern times, like the one of Wilde, has special attention to beauty in all its forms. His life is made up of details of style: the furniture of his house, the choice of music that accompanies  the various rituals of his day, the preference for unconventional clothing and accessories. The wardrobe of the new dandy is full of stylish clothes to mix with shirts and complete with  shoes strictly made in Italy, that perfectly meet his taste.

Made in Italy shoes:

Made in Italy shoes: oxford model shoe Milano by Franceschetti

The features of the shoes made in Italy are: attention to detail,  raw materials carefully selected , refined elegance and originality. All these factors  make each product a true work of art. The jewel in the crown of Franceschetti collection is the Handpainted line. Each shoe is handpainted by master shoemakers, by applying several layers of color. The result is a single pair of shoes, which gives the wearer a great exclusivity, greatly loved by the new dandy.

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