Loafers Franceschetti: refined shoes without laces

Loafers Franceschetti, man walking on the dock

Loafers: comfortable and sylish shoes

The term loafers is usually replaced, sometimes inappropriately, by the word moccasin. Loafers are shoes without laces, easy to get in and out, in which the vamp comes up to the instep girth to favor the keeping while walking. Entered the fashion world in England in the late nineteenth century as a distinctive feature of the dandy, it is often identified with the moccasin, as the shoe that you slip on.

Loafers and moccassins

Moccasins are different from loafers. They are characterized by two stitchings, one on the heel and the other on the upper part of the foot (used to join the apron to the rest of the structure of the shoe). This shoe model consists of a single piece of leather that from under the foot comes up to the hips, banding it completely. The technical terms is real mocassin. With the word moccasin is also indicated the typical “pinching sewing” visible over the vamp. Technically you should talk about moccasin loafer or moccasin derby, when each single model is enriched with this particular stitching. Moccasins have different origins than loafers. Some people believe that moccasins came from the Native Americans, because they needed to protect their feet. According to other, these shoes were used by Norwegian fishermen when they were relaxing. Anyway, both loafers and moccasins are an evergreen of the footwear industry and season after season, designers propose variations about them. Once this kind of shoe were weared only from adults, expecially from the world of finance and banks. Now it has become a must have among the younger who like to wear it with jeans and sweater in winter and with shirt and shorts in summer.

Loafers Messina Franceschetti in dark brown leather

The latest fashion trends would like loafers worn without socks, but beware of the context … and anyway, remember that it is absolutely forbidden for very formal situations. And finally don’t wear it with white socks … you will spoil your outfit!

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