Groom shoes: 5 tips for an infallible choice

Groom shoes are a primary accessory for the gentleman in his wedding day, they distinguish his style and enhance the charme of his outfit.

Talking about the wedding day, the first thought is for the bride: her dress, her preparations to be radiant in the most beautiful day of her life, the choice of flowers, decorations for the location of the party, the wedding favors… but what about the groom? The groom is left in the background and often he has to do everything alone, with an high chance of committing errors in a circumstance where every detail has an high symbolic meaning.

Groom shoes: 5 useful tips

As for the choice of every outfit, the first rule is “proceed with order”.

  1. First of all, decide the suit, around which the whole outfit will be defined. In fact, the groom shoes have to match with the dress. For tight, medium-tight or tailor-made suits, the most appropriate shoes are the Oxford, they are classic, timeless, with plain upper or micro decorations. francesina perfect style cerimonia
    If the wedding day is fixed during summer season, you can opt for a loafer with an elegant cut.
  2. Special attention should be paid to the materials of groom shoes both in terms of comfort and aesthetics. The patent leather is surely a right choice: it is elegant and bright and helps to create a sparkling atmosphere, perfect for the ceremony.

    Shoes in patent leather don’t go unnoticed: so, they are good for a groom with a certain personality, able to wear them with ease. For grooms with most sober tastes, a shoe in brushed calves will be fine, while the most esigent ones can opt for crocodile or alligator shoes.
  3. The color of groom shoes is very important: the choice should be amongst blue and black, the latter is undoubtedly synonym of class and elegance.
  4. For a true gentleman, sneakers are absolutely forbidden, though some extravagant stylist tries to propose them even for the wedding day… it would be a real fall of style!
  5. Finally, don’t hesitate to wear your groom shoes even in other occasions, such us in the office or with casual clothes. Compared to the bride, the groom has more benefits … your groom shoes will not be left in the worst corner of the shoecase, but they will enjoy a long life if you choose and treat them with care..

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