Formal shoes: the stylish groom detail

Formal shoes: elegance begins from the toe

Formal shoes by Franceschetti, black suit,bow tie, ancient sofa

Derby Pisa by Franceschetti; garments Cicchitelli uomo-Civitanova Marche

Handmade formal shoes? It’s the best choice to stand out in your wedding day. If the bride has many possibilities to be elegant, feminine and to stand out among witnesses, bridesmaids and guests, for the groom is more difficult to get noticed without sounding ridiculous, over the top and exposed to criticism of more chatterboxes. Wearing a classic suit, there is the risk of sounding featureless, but focusing on details you’re done. You just have to follow some little advice.

Formal shoes: strong point of good manners of gentleman groom

To let the dream comes true, it’s important that harmony existing between the Bride and Groom is reflected also on their clothes. Some clue about bride’s dress is essential to avoid mistakes by the groom. Your future mother in law will help you… If the bride’s gown is very luxurious, with train and long veil, the tight or half tight it’s a must for the groom; but if it’s more sober, he will be perfect with three-piece suit with double-breasted or single breasted jacket. But let’s go further into the details, starting from the feet:

  • Formal shoes: the most stylish is an oxford shoe in soft brushed calfskin; it wraps the foot giving a touch of refinement.

Formal shoes, black oxford model shoe by Franceschetti

Formal shoes: oxford model shoe New Dandy by Franceschetti

Another option is a derby in patent leather, with it’s clean design; it will not pass unnoticed.

Formal shoes, derby perfect groom by franceschetti in black patent leather

Derby Perfect Groom by Franceschetti

As usual, formal shoes have a leather sole, closed for lighter forms, double stitched with Blake Rapid method for more rounded and structured ones. The important thing is that even in the hottest days they let your feet breathe.

Formal shoes, black oxford modell shoe by Franceschetti

Formal shoes: oxford model Milano by Franceschetti 

  • Socks: strictly long, in lisle thread or silk. Don’t let yourself be caught by colors, patterns and lines … for this occasion, plain colour is a must; colors allowed are black, blue and dark grey.
  • Fabric: in spring and summer it will range from light wool to linen; the important thing is to avoid many creases. Sports fabrics, like twill, aren’t allowed
  • Color: the evergreen are black, blue and grey, but if you are a very young groom you can also opt for soft tones
  • Jacket: single or double-breasted, adorned with precious buttons and satin details; the length will depend on your body
  • Shirt: white, classic cut with cufflinks
  • Bow tie: preferable to tie; with its vintage style, it will give a romantic touch even to the most rough man
  • Pocket-handkerchief or boutonniere

After this overview on style tips, you will enter in ateliers with clearer ideas and you know how to match your suit with formal shoes. Best wishes for now…


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