Double monk strap Bologna and the dandy wears made in Italy

Double monk strap shoes: it’s Bologna the shoe to be outstanding!

The black shoe has always been a symbol of refinement and elegance, and it is even more so if the model we are talking about is a double monk strap! Bologna is the monk strap with black calf pin and liner, double leather bottom and stitching Blake Rapid Flex.

This fixing system to the vamp adds to the quality and strength of the Blake Rapid stiching the flexibility of the bottom shoes, giving your feet the best comfort. Visit our store to discover all models create with this special stiching.

scarpe doppia fibbia

An item of footwear which is characterized by its particular lacing, which does not provide for laces, but a metal buckle that can at the same time to facilitate the fit and to donate to the shoe that particular that makes it a little jewel made in Italy!

Name’s choice with reference to the city of Bologna is not accidental: minimalist and elegant, this style fits the straight lines the modern gentleman. The rounded shape and smooth geometries are combined perfectly to the Renaissance architecture of the Bologna’s arcades.

For the refinement that distinguishes it and the ability to enhance any look with which it is combined, the double monk strap Bologna enters fully among the shoes that dress dandy in the new spring summer season 2016. A shoe to be always outstanding!

Even Marco Taddei chose it for his outfit. Aren’t you curious to find out how it matched? Shortly

we will reveal its proposed style…

scarpa doppia fibbia

Double monk strap Bologna: here is the proposal by Taddei

A tailored suit is always charming, but when the fabric you are working on is a Perennial Vitale Barberis Canonico (, it becomes even more. This is a type of wool suited to face various times of the year, which in this case is a truly refined Prince of Wales”.

Discover with us his look…

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