The history of Calz. Franceschetti began at the beginning of the Twentieth century, when Adelio Franceschetti, grandfather of the current owners, started to produce men’s shoes. At that time, the production process were completely handmade and to produce 2 or 3 pairs of shoes might even take a full working day.

    Nowadays, after almost a century from the beginning, the identity and values remained unchanged. Italy grew up and contributed to turn on the inventive, peculiar feature of the Made in Italy, making the step that from tradition leads to innovation.


    The company Franceschetti is located in Montegranaro, in the italian region of Marche. Since 1300, it is an example of specialized productive pole. The binomial: shoes – Montegranaro is a concrete reality: it is an integral part of every family, factory and town of the territory.

    Nowadays, it is worldwide known and this gives to Marche the role of ambassador for the “Made in Italy” shoes in the world.


    All over the years, company Franceschetti becomes the producer of a more and more advanced proposal, rich of complex finishes and sophisticated workmanship, both in treatments and leather tannings.

    The fourth generation is represented by Andrea and Stefania Franceschetti. This enhances the sense of innovation of the brand, never forgetting the ancient traditions that are still present in the current contest of elegance trends for men and maintaining intact the beauty and love for a shoe born and grew in Italy, entirely in Marche.

    The mission of the new Franceschetti generation is to make the brand an increasingly global brand, preserving the craftmanship and attention to details, researching new raw materials, avant-garde in terms of comfort and design.

    The new stylistic trend dictated by Andrea Franceschetti has met great success and attention from professionals all around the world.


    Internationally, the brand Franceschetti is present in 22 countries with more than 140 retailers, distributed both in Italy and abroad.

    The aim is to satisfy the growly demand, coming from all over the world, of those who recognize themselves in the philosophy of the brand and in its authentic italian origin.

    With this goal, the company Franeschetti is reinforcing and developping the distribution network through both traditional and digital channels, maintaining high quality standards of production and service.