How to choose the right size of Franceschetti shoes

Choosing a model and then the proper size may look quite difficult but if you follow these simple steps the choice will be easier.

Always consider the shape of your foot, given by the instep, plan and length.

The instep can be low, regular or high.

If you have a low or regular instep, you can easily wear any type of shoes: from the slipper to the double buckle, from the brogues to the derby. A low instep and a very thin foot could take half a size less. If you have a wide instep, the most suitable model is the derby shoe, which allows a greater fit thanks to the possibility of adjusting the lacing. The stitching of the mask under the cuffs makes the distance between them handy.

The foot plan can be narrow, regular or wide

If your foot is large, we recommend avoiding shapes with narrow quarry, as shown in the photo. Prefer shapes of English style, characterized by greater wearability.

Depending on the length, your foot can be short, regular, long.

To evaluate the right size it is not enough to consider only the length, but it is essential to take into consideration the instep and the plan of the foot, too..


On the left the example of a shape from the narrow quarry while on the right a larger English style shape

In case of doubt, before purchasing we advise you to take your measurements as indicated in the infographic below and ask for advice in chat with customer support or by email at

In the product page you can also find a rough indication about the fit of the model. In particular this classification related to the fit:

NARROW: the shoe fits narrow. If you have a high instep, a wide plan or a fleshy foot, you probably need 1 size more.
REGULAR: the shoe has a regular fit. Generally the customer buys the size that he usually wear.
WIDE: the fit is wider than normal. In general, the customer buys one size less than the usual fit.

how to measure foot