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Revival Camouflage: Trend FW2013-2014

Revival Camouflage: Tendenza moda AI 2013-2014.   From the uniforms ideas for every day Here’s another piece of the fashion puzzle for the cold season: the camouflage.  The designers continue to steal ideas to military uniforms, peering this time also in the corps of the navy and air force.   Cover-up world The military style, fashion’s evergreen, renews itself, moving away from the traditional color to approach innovative ones. The use of valuable fabrics gives an interpretation even more chic. The garments are practical and simple, almost oversized. There is room for sneakers, but especially for more aggressive and resistant military print boots to match with jeans, but also with casual or classic pants.   Let’s camouflage! Even the accessories are camou: from socks, to belts, to…

Micam: the new Franceschetti SS2014 collection

To the Micam Shoe Event arrives new freshness and dynamicity for the classical style of Franceschetti In Milan, from 15 to 18 of September, Franceschetti presented the new SS2014 collection. Highlights: the Franceschetti Visionnaire collection and the 999 Sporty Project. Classic, yes! But extremely actual, revised, detailed, made recognizable and unique. To classical evergreen style, we added innovative elements, stylish and uncommon details. The shoe get dressed of an unmistakable sophistication, modern dynamism, sober elegance. Details draw the style: stitchings, drillings, wingtips with perforated decorations. Slight lines, bold cuts, round forms. Leathers are baby calf and suede, with warm tones. Sand, leather color, ocher, light brown and chocolate are the dominant colours, but there is also space for grey, blue, beige and sage. For the “Limited Edition”, infills by…

Biker Style: Trend FW 2013-2014

  Here we are to tell you another trend for fall: it’s the biker style, leitmotiv of the Pitti Immagine Uomo 84.   Freedom to… Also you, are you thinking about a ride on streets bordered by trees that are turning in red? Then you are looking for freedom, you want to travel by bike to feel you more skilful and strong, evoking the myth of the centaur.   What to wear? Let’s wear jeans, vintage leather jackets, even with fancy zips, technical fabrics and sunglasses. And what about your feet ? You cannot give up an ankle boot in soft leather used effect, padded, with buckles that you can leave opened for an even more rebel feeling, with a lightweight and insulated midsole. Biker…

Preppy style: new trend FW13-14

  How to be a preppie What could you wear every day without giving up a touch of traditional elegance? The preppy style, evergreen trend, suits you! Just mix the right elements and you’re done. Choose clothing in warm tones, straight model corduroy pants, polo shirts, tweed jackets, soft cable-knit or argyle sweaters to be placed on the shoulders, on top of button down shirts.   There are proposals for Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Brooke Brothers, just to mention the brands closer to this style. Among the accessories the true must have, in addition to the leather belt, is surely the loafers, always lucid and handcrafted.   Preppy style’s birth The preppy style is a way of being and feeling. It ‘s inspired by the clothing…

Vintage Style and Burgundy Red

Fashion: for next autumn a combination of vintage style and Burgundy red…   Summer time is ending, the air in the morning is cooler; the attention goes on autumn’s proposes. What to expect? Fashion houses understood the man’s wish for nature and for walking outdoor, in the countryside, surrounded by fresh scents. So, for next season, they propose nice and relaxed outfits with checked shirts, tartan jackets, soft sweaters or warm-toned velvets as burgundy red, cheerful and sophisticated. Confortable shoes look like trekking boots in worn-out leathers or technical and handsome materials. Do you like this vintage English–style combination?

Russia: Shoes Export from the Marche region

  Russia: Shoes Export In the first quarter of 2013. Russia is the largest market safe and in which to invest for growth in the Italian footwear companies. By the provisional figures of Assocalzaturifici the period from January to March 2013 shows an overall increase of 17.6% over the same period of 2012. In real terms, exports of Italian footwear to Russia rose from 172, 67 million to EUR 202 , 46 million euro. Marche confirmed the first Italian region, with exports rising by 77.7 million to EUR 93.5 million and a total increase of 20.6%. In particular, in 2012 the export of only the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo stood around 220.4 million euro. By 2012 data on the total quantity of footwear…

Leather bracelets by Franceschetti

Leather bracelets – Franceschetti SS2014 Collection Very stylish accessories. Especially in summer bracelet tells about the person wearing it. You can wear bracelets to differentiate yourself and to dare a little… They can be made by semi-precious stones, leather or metal, but they can’t miss in the male wardrobe for summer. For SS2014 collection Franceschetti adds other accessories to shoes, inserting, in addition to handbags and belts, leather bracelets too. Washed or dyed braided bracelets, bracelets adorned by studs or metal plates. The original package from jam jars makes them even more “tasty”. A real “bracelet jam”, spread with a knife onto an enormous slice of pugliese bread!!! Leather bracelets or something else.. What do you think about this advertising shooting? Isn’t it mouth-watering?

Franceschetti SS2014 Collection – Pitti Immagine Uomo 84

84° Pitti Immagine Uomo – Firenze – Fortezza da Basso   Last friday in Florence ended the 84th Edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo. The world of motorcycles was the dominant theme for the next winter. A multitude of motorbikes, helmets, young bikers and hostess crowded the Fortezza da Basso, which showed many scenes about motorcycles at several points outside of the exhibition halls.   Pitti Man, neat and pleasant presence, appeared well dressed, in suit and shirt. To make him even more interesting full beard and sunglasses. Franceschetti SS2014 Collection – 84°Pitti Immagine Uomo   At the Central Pavilion ground floor Franceschetti showed his collection preview SS2014. An industrial chic and minimalist stand, wooden white-brick and cement made, framed the shoes in a workshop of…

Franceschetti: history of shoe makers for four generations

The history of shoe makers for four generations In the early decades of the twentieth century, in Montegranaro, a little city in the Marche region, immediately after the First World War, Adelio Franceschetti (1893-1957), grandfather of the current owners of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti, started men’s shoes production, completely handmade in the workshop downstairs.   His two sons, Annibale and Ugo, soon joined him in the shop and at the end of World War II Adelio established, with their support, the company “Calzaturificio Adelio” of Franceschetti Brothers. Annibale and Ugo carried on the production of shoes after the death of their father in 1957, changed location several times for their laboratory, until 1965, when it was inaugurated what today is the base of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti….

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