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Clicking and Closing: Franceschetti Shoes

Clicking Footwear production begins with cutting better known as “clicking” from the slight sound the old knives used to make and which hand cutting still makes with a clicking knife. A skilled worker cuts out the upper and the lining, after checking the quality of the leather to prevent any defects, then follow the seaming preparation. Closing Then the uppers are “closed”. This stage phase comprising various operations such as punching holes, edge staining, hand sewing, machine stitching the sections to form the shoe upper. The machinists are highly skilled, requiring excellent hands and eyes coordination.

Our shoes come to life… (1st part)

Franceschetti shoes are made using the traditional Blake Rapid method. Through various stages of production, each pair of shoes undergoes more than 200 steps. The whole process, from the planning to the boxing, takes about 2 months. The production process is divided into a set of steps and actions, extremely connected, leading to the creation of components, parts or semi-finished shoe. Design Before the production the shoe designer works in the product design. He sets the style of the wood last, he wears it with adhesive tape and he draws on it, then he removes it from the last and he sticks on the board getting the base from which he will develop the model and its individual components. It follows the development of the…

“LUXURY HANDPAINTED”: Franceschetti Shoes

Art blends with manufacture. Franceschetti paints his shoes like they were paintings. A new line of shoes, called “luxury handpainted”, is born; finely painted with brush applying more shades of color. It’s dedicated to the true handmade shoes collectors. The manual procedure adopted for the color of the leather makes each pair exclusive and unique. The making is typical of the corporate, having double leather sole and Blake Rapid stitching. Technically the leathers used are defined “crust”; natural color calves are carefully hand dyed with accuracy and craftsmanship. F/W 2012-13 From the union between Franceschetti’ shoes “luxury handpainted” and Piero Principi’s artwork rises a new art snapshot by the photographer Edoardo Catini (www.edoardocatini.com). The picture, from a private collection, is part of the series ”…

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