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Franceschetti SS14 Collection: the photoshooting is in Ascoli Piceno – 2nd part

After walking through tiny streets the photo staff arrived in the Renaissance city lounge: Piazza del Popolo. Here overlook, in all their glory, the Gothic church of San Francesco, the Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo, an elegant cloister surmounted by stately buildings and the Meletti Coffee. The latter became the set of Franceschetti’s photoshooting for the SS14 Collection.

Franceschetti SS14 Collection: the photoshooting is in Ascoli Piceno – 1st part

Franceschetti is Made in Italy, but above all made in Marche. We’re talking about a company active from four generations, that from a small artisan workshop, in the heart of Montegranaro, has become a real company, appreciated across national borders; from New York to Tokyo up to Moscow and Berlin. The excellences of the shoe’s industrial district of Fermo are especially appreciated for design, research of high quality materials, style and elegance and Franceschetti summarizes all this.

W.Gibbs: Franceschetti loves the british flavor

Another Francesceschetti’s brand is W.Gibbs. The shoes signed by this brand can be recognized by the appearance typically British, perfect both for the man who loves the classic style and for the contemporary gentleman. The W.Gibbs shoes combine high-quality materials, carefully selected, comfort and tradition. Yes, because in the Company, since four generations, all shoes are stitched  with blake rapid method , that fixes leather soles  with a  double stitching. Rounded shapes guarantee maximum comfort in all occasions, leathers finely decorated with  perforations  beautify both derby  of  sporty flavor and oxford models, much more elegant. Now you  really know everything  about us …

999 by Franceschetti: a young project

In our social channels you have seen many times pictures of sporty shoes, always  neat, colorful, but without any excess. This is the project “999 by Franceschetti”, a young project that comes from far away. The 999 collection  is a single-product  line, that represents the metamorphosis of one of the best-seller of the company. A derby- moccasin with a classic and refined  leather and double- leather sole stitched with  Blake Rapid  system,  turned into a leisure shoe. How? It was enough to dress up this model with soft leathers, mostly in suede, and a lightweight sole made in EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). Even the “young” variant maintains the original stitching Blake Rapid, typical working process of the company. As seasons pass some details change, but the main characteristic, which gives personality to the project, is the colorful midsole that contrasts with the upper,…

Franceschetti: a brand tells …

We present now the main of our brands. Franceschetti is the brand associated to the family name and it follows its story since four generations. Franceschetti’s shoes are the expression of the company’s desire to give life to a top-class product made with the finest quality of raw materials and caracterized by double-stitched blake rapid soles. The production process is carried out entirely in Italy, by skilled hands of master shoemakers who are specialized in milling, dabbing and painting the leather by hand. The attention to detail is maximum. Franceschetti stands for classic style, but in constant renewal, through a dynamic and creative design. It meets the needs of contemporary man who loves luxury, without neglecting the comfort.

Classic, but avant-gard: Franceschetti is… rock

Classic, but avant-gard: Franceschetti is… rock Classic, but casual at the same time: it seems almost an antithesis, but in brief, it is the perception of the new collection that Franceschetti will present at next Pitti Immagine Uomo, from 7th to 10th of January. The Classic style, which distinguishes this manufacturing company of the Marche, takes freshness, maintaining at the same time its usual refinement and elegance. The most classic line shows bold and youthful cuts, for a target more accustomed to buy in clothing stores, which offer the customer a total look, defined and avant-garde. Rounded shapes, with a little wider sole, dress themselves with derby and oxford models, ankle boots, adorned with various decorations, such as wingtips, perforated or stitched toecaps and moccasin…

Leather bracelets by Franceschetti

Leather bracelets – Franceschetti SS2014 Collection Very stylish accessories. Especially in summer bracelet tells about the person wearing it. You can wear bracelets to differentiate yourself and to dare a little… They can be made by semi-precious stones, leather or metal, but they can’t miss in the male wardrobe for summer. For SS2014 collection Franceschetti adds other accessories to shoes, inserting, in addition to handbags and belts, leather bracelets too. Washed or dyed braided bracelets, bracelets adorned by studs or metal plates. The original package from jam jars makes them even more “tasty”. A real “bracelet jam”, spread with a knife onto an enormous slice of pugliese bread!!! Leather bracelets or something else.. What do you think about this advertising shooting? Isn’t it mouth-watering?

Franceschetti: history of shoe makers for four generations

The history of shoe makers for four generations In the early decades of the twentieth century, in Montegranaro, a little city in the Marche region, immediately after the First World War, Adelio Franceschetti (1893-1957), grandfather of the current owners of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti, started men’s shoes production, completely handmade in the workshop downstairs.   His two sons, Annibale and Ugo, soon joined him in the shop and at the end of World War II Adelio established, with their support, the company “Calzaturificio Adelio” of Franceschetti Brothers. Annibale and Ugo carried on the production of shoes after the death of their father in 1957, changed location several times for their laboratory, until 1965, when it was inaugurated what today is the base of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti….

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