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Franceschetti: 100 years of Made in Italy footwear

To celebrate the birthday of Annibale Franceschetti, we will give you a discount voucher of €15 valid for one day throughout our entire collection. Celebrate with us! A special gift for a birthday to remember Today, 04 march, Annibale Franceschetti, son of company founder Adelio, and father of the current owners, would have been ninety years old. To celebrate this important anniversary we want to give you a present: for 24 hours you can avail of a discount voucher worth €15 to spend on all Made in Italy footwear in our online boutique. Don’t miss this opportunity, help us blow out the candles… with style! Franceschetti Made in Italy footwear: quality and expertise, always Once upon a time… is now, because the story we want…

Micam 2016: Franceschetti presenta la collezione FW 16-17

Micam 2016: artigianalità e avanguardia per il prossimo inverno firmato Franceschetti

Il Micam 2016 si conferma un punto d’incontro dove scoprire i nuovi trend del mondo della calzatura per la prossima stagione fredda. The Micam è alla sua 81ma edizione e l’entusiasmo degli addetti ai lavori sembra immutato: al polo fieristico milanese di Rho, dal 14 al 17 febbraio, saranno presenti, infatti, 1444 espositori, di cui 816 italiani e 628 stranieri. Secondo la presidente di Assocalzaturifici Annarita Pilotti “la manifestazione resta un appuntamento immancabile per quanti cercano una vetrina di prodotti di qualità e varietà. Il meglio del made in Italy continua a rappresentare la punta di diamante dell’offerta espositiva grazie al suo alto potenziale di stile che piace al mondo.”
Se da un lato l’attenzione è tutta concentrata sull’artigianalità e le tecniche di lavorazione tradizionali, dall’altro crescono citazioni di colore e ricerca in chiave futuristica.

Franceschetti on-sale men’s shoes

Don’t miss out on your pair of on-sale men’s shoes. The bargains at Franceschetti continue and are only a step away! FW 15/16 Collection on-sale: Choose your pair of on-sale men’s shoes Are you looking for a pair of on-sale men’s shoes? Still haven’t found anything that makes you stop and say, “This is the pair for me!”? Don’t despair. At Franceschetti the FW 15/16 Collection sale continues and is getting even more affordable! It’s the same handmade quality, attention to detail, and refined, total workmanship but at a lower price. So, you have no excuse for not buying the shoes you’ve been dreaming about! And let’s face it, however you put it, sales are always a good opportunity. Whether it means spending a bit…

Pitti uomo 2016: Franceschetti proposals for FW16-17

Pitti uomo 2016: an even more casual collection for Franceschetti

Pitti Uomo 2016 will start tomorrow, Tuesday, 12 January. 1,205 exhibitors will attend to the kermesse: 531 from abroad and 226 new entries. An event that has been confirmed as a meeting point for those who work with passion in the fashion industry. Pitti Generation(s) is the guiding theme. The aim is to show how generations, even if they are different each other, are able to communicate through the universal language of fashion. Pitti Generation(s)

The Franceschetti handmade shoe sale: your chance to fill up on style

Handmade shoes by Franceschetti offer quality you can feel…with your feet! Franceschetti handmade shoes…come up all aces in our sale There’s no point in denying it. The talent for finding a good sale is one your born with. It’s like knowing how to sing or dance. The ability to hunt down the best sale is, in fact, a talent not everyone has. Especially when it comes to handmade shoes. Because it’s a fact. There are those who, when they fall in love with a handmade shoe, aren’t held back by the list price. There are also those who fall into the special category of “professional sale shoppers”. Professional sale shoppers are those who fall in love at first sight with a pair of shoes, but…

Monk strap Franceschetti: the shoe with buckle

Monk strap: classic but casual style shoe at the same time
The monk strap is mostly known as the shoe with the buckle. But what is it? It’s essentially a derby, not closed by laces but through a side band which ends with a buckle. The monk strap wraps the instep, dresses it and makes it elegant. Then it’s the buckle that gives it an authoritative touch … almost noble. It’s a very charming model: it was the shoe of the nobles between 1600 and 1800, but also the one of the Three Musketeers and that of the Pirates. Its origins seem to be, however, very modest, because it derives from the monks’ sandals laced on one side.
Franceschetti proposes different monk strap models, which go from the smooth leather versions to the brogued ones. The shoe with buckle has the advantage that there aren’t laces which can break. You should wear it with a straight and not too long pant, otherwise the buckle may get caught with the hem.

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