Blue mens shoes: the Franceschetti winter sales’ most “in” item

Blue mens shoes: new style for the new dandy

Blue mens shoes are the must-have accessory for FW15-16Blue replaces black as a fresher but still serious and refined colour. It enhances fine leather shoes making them elegant and edgy at the same time.

A gentleman these days adds a dash of blue to his wardrobe when he has an appointment whether informal or formal. Here’s a down blazer to wear over a shirt or with a jacket and tie. It’s a final layer against the cold, yet comfortable at the same time. Then, there’s the blue silk and mohair suit worn with a white shirt and English style shoes. A polished and sophisticate option for the most elegant occasions. Finally, an unstructured jacket in wool for the most relaxing times. Perfect with tailored, well-cut jeans.

This time of year, our retail stores and online boutique are having sales. You can buy high quality items at affordable prices. Normally, the seasonal sales period is the moment when men tend to buy more. Saving money when you shop in some way offers its own satisfaction. It’s different for women who are, instead, satisfied with shopping as an end in itself.


Blue mens shoes: two offers not to be missed …


This winter, Franceschetti offers a wide range of shoes in blue. Two styles are currently on sale in our online shop.

Blue mens shoes: oxford shoe Kingston Franceschetti FW15-16

Kingston oxfords go with everything. Refined and comfortable, these blue lace-ups are extremely durable. They have a perforated dovetail and floral pattern. Their rubber bottom and leather midsole in double-sewn leather are made with the company’s Blake Rapid method assuring durability. Kingston oxfords go perfectly with jeans or tailored trousers.

Blue mens shoes: derby Avignon Franceschetti FW15-16

To go with a suit, we recommend Avignon derbies in navy blue calfskin, buffed by hand and with special, raised perforation detail appreciated by connoisseurs. The bottom is double-stitched leather made with the Blake Rapid method.

Blue mens shoes are the true must haves of the season Take advantage of the winter sales to keep your wardrobe in step with the times!


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