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Blue mens shoes: the Franceschetti winter sales’ most “in” item

Blue mens shoes: new style for the new dandy

Blue mens shoes are the must-have accessory for FW15-16. Blue replaces black as a fresher but still serious and refined colour. It enhances fine leather shoes making them elegant and edgy at the same time.

A gentleman these days adds a dash of blue to his wardrobe when he has an appointment whether informal or formal. Here’s a down blazer to wear over a shirt or with a jacket and tie. It’s a final layer against the cold, yet comfortable at the same time. Then, there’s the blue silk and mohair suit worn with a white shirt and English style shoes. A polished and sophisticate option for the most elegant occasions. Finally, an unstructured jacket in wool for the most relaxing times. Perfect with tailored, well-cut jeans.

Pitti uomo 2016: Franceschetti proposals for FW16-17

Pitti uomo 2016: an even more casual collection for Franceschetti

Pitti Uomo 2016 will start tomorrow, Tuesday, 12 January. 1,205 exhibitors will attend to the kermesse: 531 from abroad and 226 new entries. An event that has been confirmed as a meeting point for those who work with passion in the fashion industry. Pitti Generation(s) is the guiding theme. The aim is to show how generations, even if they are different each other, are able to communicate through the universal language of fashion. Pitti Generation(s)

The Franceschetti handmade shoe sale: your chance to fill up on style

Handmade shoes by Franceschetti offer quality you can feel…with your feet! Franceschetti handmade shoes…come up all aces in our sale There’s no point in denying it. The talent for finding a good sale is one your born with. It’s like knowing how to sing or dance. The ability to hunt down the best sale is,…

Mens lace up shoes: the Franceschetti ones are stylish and Made in Italy

Mens lace up shoes… for your Christmas time

Mens lace up shoes are perfect for gentlemen who like to feel stylish, wearing refined garments in every situation. Here some tips for a refined look for your Christmas Holidays… Sweaters with jacquard patterns or Christmas elements as moose and snowmen are forbidden. About colors choose blue or black, which are gentle and chic nuances by definition. If your mood is particularly joyful or you want to dare a little bit more, you can show off some red accessory

Mens lace up shoes: three flawless options

Mens sneakers Franceschetti for a casual chic look

Mens sneakers: a must have even in winter

Since several seasons , mens sneakers joined the business men’s wardrobe. Especially in winter they give the chance to be comfortable, warm and fashionable at the same time. Mens sneakers have changed the idea of elegance. Nowadays , these shoes finely crafted and made with quality leathers , are chosen also for special events. Mens sneakers are worn even under the tuxedo, the elegant suit par excellence . They can be worn for San Silvestro dinner, for galas or evenings at casino. Mens sneakers can be really adaptable to many opportunities. Perfect for the office, matched with unstructured or cashmere jackets, they are awesome in your free time for long walks in the nature or for your frenetic search for Christmas gifts. Sneakers world is surely wide.

Monk strap Franceschetti: the shoe with buckle

Monk strap: classic but casual style shoe at the same time
The monk strap is mostly known as the shoe with the buckle. But what is it? It’s essentially a derby, not closed by laces but through a side band which ends with a buckle. The monk strap wraps the instep, dresses it and makes it elegant. Then it’s the buckle that gives it an authoritative touch … almost noble. It’s a very charming model: it was the shoe of the nobles between 1600 and 1800, but also the one of the Three Musketeers and that of the Pirates. Its origins seem to be, however, very modest, because it derives from the monks’ sandals laced on one side.
Franceschetti proposes different monk strap models, which go from the smooth leather versions to the brogued ones. The shoe with buckle has the advantage that there aren’t laces which can break. You should wear it with a straight and not too long pant, otherwise the buckle may get caught with the hem.

Loafers Franceschetti: refined shoes without laces

Loafers: comfortable and sylish shoes
The term loafers is usually replaced, sometimes inappropriately, by the word moccasin. Loafers are shoes without laces, easy to get in and out, in which the vamp comes up to the instep girth to favor the keeping while walking. Entered the fashion world in England in the late nineteenth century as a distinctive feature of the dandy, it is often identified with the moccasin, as the shoe that you slip on.
Loafers and moccassins. Moccasins are different from loafers. They are characterized by two stitchings, one on the heel and the other on the upper part of the foot (used to join the apron to the rest of the structure of the shoe). This shoe model consists of a single piece of leather that from under the foot comes up to the hips, banding it completely.

Christmas gifts? Franceschetti has just what you need!

Christmas gifts: it’s time to think about! Whatever type of gift area your ready to jump into–technological gear, wellness, culture, or clothing–it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dive into Christmas shopping.

It’s then, the question naturally pops up, “What wonderful and captivating things can I buy this year that I haven’t already given?” And so, with every passing year, it becomes more and more difficult to find original Christmas gifts to astonish your friends and relatives with.

Christmas gifts that are at your fingertips. . . and on your wrist

Women lace up shoes: new proposals from Franceschetti

Women lace up shoes…stolen from the new dandy’s wardrobe

Women lace up shoes win the female hearts for this fall-winter season. There is a great desire to wear low heels shoes, because women prefer comfort to elegance. Women lace up shoes have mannish features, but they can be very womanly and suitable on many occasions. The most trendy and smart choice is the bottom in rubber: it protects your feet from cold and gives you few inches more, always appreciated by comfort lovers. Women lace up shoes: easy to wear and fashion. Do you think women lace up shoes can limite your womanhood?

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