A Valentine’s Day Special: the perfect gift on sale

Take advantage of the Franceschetti Valentine’s Day special. We give you a 20 Euro coupon to spend between 1 and 14 February on anything in our entire collection

February is the month for people in love. Tell the truth now. How many of you have already searched the internet at least once for “Valentine’s Day special offer” or maybe “gift ideas for Valentine’s Day”? Whether you aim to dazzle, spoil or show your partner how much you love them, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with gift-giving. Franceschetti gives you a helping hand in finding just the perfect surprise. Thanks to our Valentine’s Day Special Offer, you get a 20 Euro coupon to apply on anything in our entire men and women’s collections between 1 and 14 February.

While the shop windows fill with hearts, the supermarket shelves brim with soft toys and chocolates, and everywhere you turn there’s only one colour (Valentine’s Day red, of course), you can stop searching. With the Franceschetti Valentine’s Day Special offer, it takes just a click to astonish your better half with exactly the right gift!

Valentine’s Day Special: gift ideas for her

saint valentine's day Franceschetti

If your women is a fashion addict who always likes to be in style, look in the Franceschetti women’s collection to find superb and elegant gift ideas.

They start off with Elettra boots in hand-dyed natural calfskin and with a soft quilted-down upper around the the calf, a microlite bottom and EVA sole. The possibilities continue in the refined derby and oxford collections. Another idea is a pair of black ankle boots with dovetail decoration, a buckle strap and zip.

Thanks to a 20 Euro coupon valid between 1 and 14 February, you can buy the perfect shoes at an affordable price and make your better half’s fashion dreams come true. A “Valentine’s Day special offer” to make it a special Valentine’s Day!

Gift ideas for him: a surprise… as perfect as a kiss!

saint valentine's day Franceschetti

Your man is a refined type who carefully chooses all his outfits and isn’t inclined to forgo elegance. It’s especially the case when it comes to shoes, isn’t it? Then there’s no better place than the Franceschetti online boutique to look for a Valentine’s Day gift.

In the men’s collection, in fact, there are so many models offering perfect new dandy style. You can opt for the elegance of oxfords, the versatility of derbies, or the casual chic style of ankle boots and slippers. Whatever you choose, yours will surely be a gift…as perfect as a kiss!

saint valentine's day Franceschetti

Take advantage of the 20 Euro coupon right now and… Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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