999 by Franceschetti: still life

Photo story through advertising images
Photo: Edoardo Catini (wwww.edoardocatini.com)

Why don’t portray the 999 sportly through photo shots?
I asked our photographer to describe in detail each shot idea that the 999 sportly suggested him and how his creativity changed all in fantastic settings to capture…



It ‘s the first still life set that captures the 999 sportly. Inspired by a nautical-casual hybrid, the shot shows with a striking display a sort of bulkhead in which electrical systems are replaced by knotted and melted ropes, paint dipped and corroded by salt. Each space creates reflections and volumes where the shoes are wrapped in a nautical mood.


FW2013-2014: WORN

The 999 sportly suggests lovely photographic fashion ideas in outfits of streetwear or of countrystyle.
The model, waiting for someone leaning against an Ivy-covered wall of a farmhouse, give the impression of an old english style revisited in casual key. The image is visually rich but not too stiff.
The sock on the trousers catchs the eye on shoes and makes the boy look extravagant but with style.


FW2013-2014: UNUSUAL
“Unusual” concept is an additional shot to the worn one.
The choice of a still life image is to enhance the high quality of processing even in a casual product such as the 999 sportly. In “unusual” the sock synthesizes the subject, almost a fusion between nice graphic element and worn accessory.
Games of particularly bright and clash colors and absolutely drammatical lighting enhance materials tone and outstanding build quality.


This shot, called ironically “two worlds”, is a theatrical fusion of materials and colours in order to make an ideal vision of the product.
The 999 camouflage is hung between cardboard leaves that invoke a childish atmosphere in which lights and shadows delineate the shoe outline and make it at the same time merged and extrapolated. The shoulder of the scenographic structure offers a blue cardboard sea on which “floats” the 999 blue suede in a general funny and suggestive environment.

What do you think about these photos? Do you like them? And the scenic locations?
I think these pictures are nice, original and very creative…

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