The Franceschetti handmade shoe sale: your chance to fill up on style

Handmade shoes by Franceschetti offer quality you can feel…with your feet!

Franceschetti handmade shoes…come up all aces in our sale

There’s no point in denying it. The talent for finding a good sale is one your born with. It’s like knowing how to sing or dance. The ability to hunt down the best sale is, in fact, a talent not everyone has. Especially when it comes to handmade shoes.
Because it’s a fact. There are those who, when they fall in love with a handmade shoe, aren’t held back by the list price. There are also those who fall into the special category of “professional sale shoppers”. Professional sale shoppers are those who fall in love at first sight with a pair of shoes, but calmly bide their time for a few months. They keep an eye on the object of their desire until the sales kick off. Then they jump into action with a clear idea what they want and come up well and truly aces in the sale!

scarpe artigianali franceschetti

In the Franceschetti handmade shoe sale you get quality…at a discount

Are you one of those professional sale shoppers? From 5 January 2016 until 15 March, Franceschetti awaits you. You can take advantage of our many offers, which give you the chance to acquire the quality of our handmade shoes.
If you opened your shoe closet this morning and thought to yourself, “I really could use a nice pair of new shoes”, Franceschetti sale prices leave you no excuse not to. In fact, we await you in our online store with all our models: Beatles boots, derbies, double strap styles, ankle boots, slippers, and trainers. There you’ll find so many of our quality handmade shoes for men and women at discounted prices.

scarpe artigianali franceschetti


Handmade shoes online: Franceschetti has the right ones just for you

If you don’t have much time to spend doing “real” shopping, but still don’t want to give up the chance to get a pair of handmade quality shoes by Franceschetti, we have the right answer. In our online boutique you’ll find all our handmade shoes on sale, without effort and from the convenience of your own home.
Whatever style you want to wear on your feet, act now. Only one click stands between you and the shoes you dream about.

scarpe artigianali franceschetti

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