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Franceschetti on-sale men’s shoes

Don’t miss out on your pair of on-sale men’s shoes. The bargains at Franceschetti continue and are only a step away! FW 15/16 Collection on-sale: Choose your pair of on-sale men’s shoes Are you looking for a pair of on-sale men’s shoes? Still haven’t found anything that makes you stop and say, „This is the…

Handmade shoes: all the steps that give life to Franceschetti’s footwear

Handmade shoes: all the steps that give life to Franceschetti’s footwear. During the preparation of the bottom of handmade shoes, leather soles and insoles are cut from leather. For each last a heel is created, made of leather and /or rubber. The components are assembled and sewn together to make the bottom, then the brand is stamped on the leather soles. The application of the sole defines of upper and bottom. All Franceschetti handmade shoes are sewn with the traditional Blake Rapid method. Once the shoe is on the last, the first sole (middlesole-leather) is applied and stitched with blake sewing machine to the insole-leather and to the calf leather upper. A first adhesive is smeared on middlesole-leather and lasted shoe.

Men’s fashion for summer 2015: celebration of white

For men’s fashion for summer 2015 white stands as the undisputed passepartout. The zero chromatic is the prince of the summer also for convenience: it’s the color that best rejects the light, helping you to stay fresh … as far as possible. If the color block, that is the trend to wear bright colors strongly opposed each other, seems too bold for you, white is the best choice for a sober and elegant effect. Matched with black, white takes an intellectual and sophisticated look that refers to art films; with blue it defines sporty or elegant outfit, it depends on the garments that you choose. For example: blue blazer with golden buttons for a timeless gentleman look ; blue t-shirt for a navy style. The white, color of purity par excellence, perfectly embodies the minimal mood through its many shades ranging from bright white, chalk, milk up to ivory. The imperative of summer fashion 2015 is simplicity, especially regarding the lines. Men’s fashion for summer 2015: which shoe for a white look?

Made in Italy shoes: Franceschetti’s creations since four generations

Made in Italy shoes: Franceschetti’s creations since four generations. Made in Italy shoes for lovers of avant-guard tradition. Made in Italy shoes stand out for a know-how that perfectly goes with passion for work. For Franceschetti family it was and it is still now something more … it’s a true love that lasts even after four generations. The grandfather of current owners starts the production of shoes in the downstairs shop, in the early of the twentieth century, in Montegranaro, the heart of shoe district. Each product came to life with love, tenderness and it literally took shape in the hands of grandfather Adelio.

Men’s formal shoes: Franceschetti’s tips for a perfect groom

Men’s formal shoes: Franceschetti’s tips for a perfect groom. Men’s formal shoes: you can recognize an elegant groom from his feet. Men’s formal shoes are a detail that a man that has good taste should always keep in mind, especially in his wedding day. There is also to consider a great chance. The groom came out from the darkness, where he had been relegated, to achieve the role of co-star that actually belongs to him. Even for him it is the most important day of his life and also for him from this day things will change … for the best, hopefully. To give you an idea of the change, you should know that attention to detail, in terms of beauty, is the same both for her and for him: body care, hair, rasage and detox diets for a look radiant and full of energy. But vanity is not a feminine feature: also men book manicures to show off their hands under photographers flashes during the exchange of wedding rings.

Black men’s shoes: must-have of the new dandy Franceschetti

Black men’s shoes: must-have of the new dandy Franceschetti
Black men’s shoes: elegance in a color

Black men’s shoes are the accessory par excellence, a must to be elegant if you feel yourself a real new dandy and you want to make of sophistication and beauty your way of life. The new dandy of modern times is a lover of art: from theater, to cinema, music, photography, up to the passion for gourmet cooking. He doesn’t miss any opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Men’s summer shoes: 999 by Franceschetti, a casual-chic project

Men’s summer shoes: 999 by Franceschetti, a casual-chic project. Men’s summer shoes: 999 by Franceschetti, freshness with style. Men’s summer shoes… how to choose them? Of course thinking about what you like best in hot season: free time! In summer, even if working time is exactly the same as winter, days are longer andthere is a desire to be outdoors and stay in contact with nature, a desire that, in a certain way, the cold season has stolen. You want to walk to keep fit and enjoy the strong colors of sky and flowers in the city as well as in the countryside, the sea or in the mountains. And the shoe that suits this circumstance is a fresh and dynamic leisure shoe with a very long story. Men’s summer shoes: how the project 999 by Franceschetti came out?

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