Pitti uomo 2016: Franceschetti proposals for FW16-17

Pitti uomo 2016: an even more casual collection for Franceschetti

Pitti Uomo 2016 will start tomorrow, Tuesday, 12 January.  1,205 exhibitors will attend to the kermesse: 531 from abroad and 226 new entries. An event that has been confirmed as a meeting point for those who work with passion in the fashion industry. Pitti Generation(s) is the guiding theme. The aim is to show how generations, even if they are different each other,  are able to communicate through the universal language of fashion. Pitti Generation(s) says Agostino Poletto, vice-CEO of Pitti Immagine, “will look at the simultaneity of many generations in fashion and styles of today. The speed of contemporary life compresses and mixes personal and generational time, taking in nostalgic references and experimentation, in a global action that goes beyond borders. In this way, Pitti Generation(s) will give an ironic, lightweight look at an era where age is increasingly more a mental attitude than a number, with mature men in jeans and Tees and youngsters with Victorian-style beards and a passion for vintage.”

Pitti Uomo 2016 winks to “new makers”, a new generation of artisans coming from all over the world, with their refined pieces, characterized by extreme attention to detail and traditional processes, but with a spirit finely tuned to the speed of today. With their feet fixed on the values of the past, but with eyes that look towards new technologies and the years to come. This is the case of Franceschetti that makes shoes of avant-garde design, renewing classic and casual models.

Franceschetti at Pitti Uomo 2016

Franceschetti makes men’s shoes since four generations. Company products are the result of a sort of cooperation between old and new generations. Classic shoes of avant-garde design, made with high quality materials and great attention to detail. A mix of craftsmanship and continuous research. In addition to soles in leather, distinguishing trademark of the company,  we also find those ones in rubber or EVA, that ensure maximum comfort to the modern gentleman without forgetting fashion trends. Quality, of course, is always there.

Franceschetti proposals for FW16-17

Last day before the presentation of Franceschetti’s collection at Pitti Uomo 89. The third and fourth generations worked together to define trends for FW 16-17. The result: a collection of different styles, perfectly integrated. Craftsmanship and ancient knowledge come out from traditional and handpainted lines.

Pitti uomo 2016: handpainted oxford model shoe Franceschetti FW16-17

These shoes have soles in leather and are Blake Rapid stitched. Leathers are generally fine calves, often handpainted with care. Here the models: derby, oxford, monkstrap and ankle boots. Colors are inspired by undergrowth nuances: leather, brown, reddish … There are also blue, black and grey. In addition to the classic Blake Rapid method there is the flex version: the flexibility of the sole joins the quality and strength of stitching.

Many casual proposals that mix elegant and sporty style, with the desire to break formal look with active touches. The mix style is a combination of classic leathers with technical fabrics, traditional models and soles in EVA.

Holiday atmosphere in Saint Moritz for Pi50 and Running-trek projects. Two new versions for  Pi50 by Franceschetti models: a derby ankle boot and a beatles with zip behind.

Pitti uomo 2016: Pi50 by Franceschetti FW16-17

Three proposals for the PI50 ankle boot: polished leather, crocodile print and suede, all have the the upper part in technical fabric and are all Blake rapid stitiched. Color combinations are black and gray, black and orange, brown and black, burgundy and blue.

The Running Trek project refers to the running for multi-material bottom, built in EVA-leather-rubber. A perfect item to renew the male wardrobe without forgetting comfort and exclusivity.

Pitti uomo 2016: running trek project Franceschetti FW16-17

Dynamic and youthful is the Active-glam project with cassette sole. Available in two versions, low and high, it has a sort of inner sock that serves as a continuation of the lining and embraces the foot. Colors: black, dark brown, burgundy, blue.

Pitti uomo 2016: active glam project Franceschetti FW16-17

Minimal chic Hybrid project, not a real sneaker but a fusion of classic and urban style concept. Rubber bottom and clean models with geometrical mood. Shiny calf leather with technical fabric insert. The range of colors: black, blue, brown, burgundy.

Pitti uomo 2016: Hybrid project Franceschetti FW16-17

A new collection in matter of content is the one that Franceschetti presents at Pitti Uomo 2016. More casual than classical, that will upset the expectations of those who always expect from Franceschetti only shoes in leather.

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