Before the lasting process

Before the lasting process
Before the lasting process, the hard toe-end are inserted between the upper and the lining shaped on the last during the assembly of the upper, and then also the counter, a support is inserted between the upper and the lining, over the heel area. These components guarantee stiffness and support to the shoe.



With the lasting process, the shoe begins to take shape. The upper is fixed in the back of the form to ensure the correct height in the rear, is then pulled up to the tip of the car pulling over and settled to the sides by hand. It is very important to ensure that the upper is fitted carefully to the last.
Closed the tip with the tack lasting machine, clamps are removed and the waist edge is fixed with the pliers.



The hammer is passed and a special machine sandpapers under the shoe and makes it smooth.
Then another machine closes the heel with nails and pastes the outside waist with thermoplastic adhesive.




Then the lasted shoe pass through in a special oven that it allows the shoe upper to bond perfectly to the shape of the last, through humidification process, heat supply and vacuum.


Hand dyeing
At this point, the shoes uppers dressed in natural leather colors (crust), are dyed by hand, assuming various color gradations. Once dry, the shoe is brushed.



From the lasting to final polishing the shoes remain on the last for a week. This lasting adjustment ensures that everything finds the right balance, from toe to heel and the stitching. In this way, the shoe can become eternal, not “collapse” or wrinkle and it will come back to life with a simple polishing even after extreme conditions.

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