Men’s Summer Fashion 2016: new dandy’s must-have

Here we are, the summer season has officially begun: are you ready for a change of wardrobe in step with trends of men’s summer fashion 2016?


Men’s Summer Fashion 2016:  what to put in the wardrobe


Even this season arrived, with the precision of a swiss watch: we speak about the MEN’S SUMMER  FASHION 2016, a point of reference for all fashion  victims, who want to always be the prime!

While in Milan and Florence we discover the look that is yet to come, with the Pitti Uomo 90 and Milan fashion week, let’s have a look now to the must have that cannot miss this summer in the new dandy’s wardrobe.


1) The linen suit: polyhedral protagonist of men’s summer fashion 2016

Transparent, impalpable and light, yet chic: it is the linen, star of the men’s summer fashion 2016. Known since ancient times, this fiber has always been considered a precious material for its special features. That is why today it is the favorite fabric from those who want to wear suits and jackets even with high temperatures, typical of the summer season.

Linen, actually:

– It is one of the most resistant natural textile fibers; it allows the clothes to maintain their quality intact over time;

– It has the ability to absorb humidity and is therefore the ideal material for direct contact with the skin;

– It is an empty fiber, therefore it plays a thermoregulatory function that combined with its capacity of moisture absorption, makes it comfortable all over the season.

The most popular model of fashion summer shows 2016 is the suit with single-breasted jacket and two buttons; the colors are neutral or delicate pastels. And what about shoes? Let’s play with contrasts: a brown derby, for example, is a perfect choice if you want to enhance the whiteness of the suit maintaining an elegance “easy to wear”.


men's summer fashion 2016


The class of Linen conquered many fashion addicted; amongst them there is Marco Taddei that speaking about one of his last outfit, he writes :

“it’s summer and a white linen suit can’t miss in your wardrobe, unless you are a member of the club short-sleeve shirt and Bermuda shorts! Fascinating like few others, it is a must-have for man in summer … “

(you can read his complete style proposal here)

  men's summer fashion 2016 

2) Baggy trousers: Summer 2016 with lightness

The slogan is “Freedom”. After many seasons in which stiff and thin pants dominated the male wardrobe, for this summer 2016 the menswear trend imposes a natural elegance.

Trousers become fluid and unstructured, they are the basis of a style trip, that starts from the enhancement of the fabric to create a harmony of shapes and movements. The result is a look that finds in the careful imperfection its canon of reference. And the same thing happens in the world of shoeswear: the artisanal rigor is expressed in casual chic models that soften the barriers between the formal look and the leisure one, with reciprocal contaminations.


men's summer fashion 2016


3) Exotic Outfit: men’s fashion Summer 2016 comes from afar

An exotic journey through the streets of the city: with this slogan we can summarize the trend of men’s fashion shows, which has as protagonists shirts and soft pants, Saharans of sand color and large travel bags. A clear reference to the Far East for the metropolitan dandy who wants to stage a safari directly into town.

In this case, a leisure shoe is perfect, like a slipper moccasin in soft suede, fresh and dynamic, to match ton sur ton. An attempt to relive, at least in clothing, the colors and the flavors of a distant world.


men's summer fashion 2016


4) Grey, red and green, the colors of men’s fashion 2016

How will dress the man in the summer of 2016? Colorful, mostly of  green and red.

Green: it’s perfect for those who love the warm and delicate hues. We find it on shirts and pants, Bermuda shorts and t-shirt,  up to tailored suits. The dandy who loves to play with the color palette has only spoiled for choice: from the wild forest green to the intense and bright nuance of the emerald, up to the apple-green, more “pushed”, for those who do not want to go unnoticed.

Red: for the Pantone Fashion Color, an authority worldwide known as specialist of colors trends in fashion, red is one of the protagonist in men’s wardrobe for this summer and listed it in their Fashion Report 2016. “Aurora red”, the color of sensuality and warmth, it gives energy and dynamism. It is the star of tailored suits both in its pure essence and in its “Far East” version, for an elegance that  seems to follow the ancient roads of silk, with flowered blazer and sumptuous embroidery in gold filigree.

Finally, grey, the color-not-color, complementary to itself. Discreet, elegant and refined, it offers an almost infinite variety of shades. It plays many different roles: you can wear it with dresses and jackets for the more formal commitments or with more sporting and dynamic outfits. The important thing is to be ready to mix different shades with elegant nonchalance. Because a gray cloth is always ultra chic and it is suitable for every season, month and temperature.

The shoes to match are various in colors and patterns: for example, a double buckle shoe in black leather is perfect for the most stylish outfits, while an Oxford shoe in the shades of blue is the right choice if you want to create a sophisticated and unmistakable look.  For modern gentlemen who want to stand out even in summer, the right choice is the classic derby shoe. Let’s have a look to this one with braided upper that gives an eclectic touch and fuses the traditional craftsmanship with  modernity.


men's summer fashion 2016


The curtain on the Men’s summer fashion has got up: are you ready to be the new protagonist of the style show?

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