Mens sneakers Franceschetti for a casual chic look

Mens sneakers: a must have even in winter

Since several seasons,  mens sneakers joined the business men’s wardrobe. Especially in winter they give the chance to be comfortable, warm and fashionable at the same time. Mens sneakers have changed the idea of elegance.  Nowadays , these shoes finely crafted and made with quality leathers , are chosen  also  for special events. Mens sneakers are worn even under the tuxedo, the elegant suit par excellence . They can be worn  for San Silvestro dinner, for galas or evenings at casino. Mens sneakers can be really adaptable to many opportunities. Perfect for the office, matched with unstructured or cashmere jackets, they are awesome in your free time for long walks  in the nature or for your frenetic search for Christmas gifts. Sneakers world is surely wide. The best sneakers for the contemporary man are those by minimal but refined design. The gentleman should prefer warmer tones inspired by nature and undergrowth. Eccentric colors are allowed only to celebrities with a strong presence of mind.

Mens sneakers: casual chic style by Franceschetti

Mens sneakers Vicenza in leather Franceschetti

For this winter Franceschetti proposes the sneaker Vicenza. This is the perfect shoe for every occasion, it’s made in baby calf leather, a material that can be combined not only with jeans but also with classic trousers and formal suits. It is hand dyed and has a rounded shape . The stitchings  on the upper define the shoe line. The bottom is in black rubber. On our online shop you can find the wood color version. Discover it! Buy our mens sneakers and get an elegant leather bracelet as free gift… it’s a small present for your Christmas, for you or for those you love!

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