How to match colors: discover the advices by Marco Taddei

How to match colors: here are the basic rules

Let us say: being able to find the guidelines to understand how to match colors is not always easy, even more so since the fashion itself started to break some of the key rules of the system, proposing combinations previously unthinkable. Nevertheless, we can give you some suggestions.
Johannes Itten, painter, writer and Swiss designer of the early ‘900, developed the famous Circle of Itten, a tool with which the color classification was made according to the aesthetic and communicative look, coming to designate three categories: primary, secondary and tertiary.
how to match colors
But how can this classification be useful in defining the combinations of clothes? Actually much, because the Itten Circle tells us that should not be approached neighbors colors together (laterally), but you can play with the different shades of the same color (vertically), or match the colors diametrically opposed. Black and white, as colors “non-colors” are not placed inside the circle and thus can theoretically be combined with everything.

How to match colors of clothes and shoes

To choose the right combinations must first consider “our colors”, or the hair color and the color of our skin, which directly influence the choice of tones to draw near. In general, however, for a perfect outfit and in line with color trends of the season you can follow a few rules:
1) Brown Color: usually not matched with black, can be associated with shades such as leather or beige, but also with the forest green.
2) Red Color: is perhaps one of the most difficult color to match.
It goes well with white and black while according to the Itten circle should not be accompanied with blue, yellow, green and orange; However, the latest trends show otherwise. The timeless navy style combines always white, blue and red colors, creating a triptych of beautiful chromatic fantasies. Our navy version Derby Tropea is an example.
how to match colors - derby Tropea 999 by Franceschetti
3) Blue Color: back in vogue in the last years, it is perfect when paired with all other shades of blue. The combination with Black, as the Circle of Itten shows, is prohibited but the trends of the last walkways seem to prove the contrary.
4) Black Color: is the master key to excellence, capable of solving any problem of matching. Can be combined with any nuance, it is at its best especially with the bright colors.

how to match colors - doppia fibbia Bologna Franceschetti

Bologna double monk strap – Franceschetti classic collection

How to match colors: follow the suggestions by Marco Taddei

And the white? What is the right mix? Let speak Marco Taddei with his proposal of style. Discover it with us!
“There are combinations of colors that come naturally. For example, white is a color that reminds me immediately of brown. I would say that it is almost a natural matching. The harmony when you are wearing a white and a brown item is really tangible”

taddei - how to match colors

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