Franceschetti: 100 years of Made in Italy footwear

To celebrate the birthday of Annibale Franceschetti, we will give you a discount voucher of €15 valid for one day throughout our entire collection. Celebrate with us!

A special gift for a birthday to remember

Today, 04 march, Annibale Franceschetti, son of company founder Adelio, and father of the current owners, would have been ninety years old. To celebrate this important anniversary we want to give you a present: for 24 hours you can avail of a discount voucher worth €15 to spend on all Made in Italy footwear in our online boutique. Don’t miss this opportunity, help us blow out the candles… with style!

Franceschetti Made in Italy footwear: quality and expertise, always

Once upon a time… is now, because the story we want to tell you today is a tale like any self-respecting fairytale, it has something magical and is suspended in time. We are based in Montegranaro, a small town in the Marche region, in the province of Fermo, that was already famous in the 1700s for its Italian-made shoes.

Here, about 100 years ago, just after the First World War, a young man named Adelio Franceschetti started producing shoes entirely by hand in the workshop under his house. That’s how he began a story of love, skill and dedication to a job that has been handed down for four generations, and still continues today with the same care and attention to detail that only the great bottier masters devote to their creations.

Within a few years Adelio was joined in the workshop by his sons, Annibale and Ugo, and thanks to their support, he founded the company “Calzaturificio Franceschetti” at the end of World War II, specializing in the creation of Made in Italy shoes. Unfortunately, in 1957 Adelio died prematurely: at this point it was Annibale and Ugo who took over the family business, changing arrangements several times until, in 1965, what is still today the seat of the footwear company was inaugurated.

It was in 1983 when, with the transition to the third generation, the current society was born: the “Franceschetti L.t.d.” footwear company. It was the beginning of a new journey of discovery that has never stopped because, as the famous poet José Saramago said, “We must retrace steps already given, to repeat them, and to draw alongside them new paths. We have to start the journey. Always”.

Today, on the occasion of the birthday of Annibale Franceschetti, we want to remember our history and our roots with you, making you a tribute: a coupon of €15 to spend on any of the products in our online store. What are you waiting for, just click to take advantage of the offer!

The Metropolitan Dandy: the blue prince of Made in Italy footwear

It is an undeniable fact: any fairy tale worth its salt has to have a prince charming! Even Franceschetti’s story has one: the metropolitan dandy, the man of classic and refined taste, a lover of craftsmanship, attentive to even the smallest details of style. It is to him that Franceschetti dedicates his works of art: for 100 years now, his superior quality Made in Italy shoes, with blake rapid double stitching and painstaking hand-dying of leathers.

In each Franceschetti signed shoe the skilled artisan’s hands meet with the creative imagination of the designer. The result is a work of “artisan vanguard” because it combines the best of Made in Italy and of knowing how to “do good”. Because in the end, every step with Franceschetti is a turn back … to the future!

Join us to celebrate the birthday of Annibale Franceschetti, visit the online boutique and select your handcrafted shoes. For 24 hours you can claim your discount coupon of 15 Euros, take advantage now!

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