Gifts for Father’s Day: choose the elegance signed Franceschetti

Gifts for Father’s Day? With Franceschetti you can take advantage of a discount voucher of 20 Euros to spend from 16 to 23 March on the whole 15/16 men’s collection.

Gifts for Father’s Day: your wishes at a special price

June 19, 1910, Spokane, Washington: the History of Father’s Day started right here, about 100 years ago. It’s thanks to a lady, Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted to celebrate, with an official celebration, the father who had fought in the American Civil War. Since then the festival has spread slowly across the world with different dates and traditions, until to come to Italy where it is celebrated on St. Joseph’s Day, March 19.

Gifts for Father’s Day, Franceschetti this year has decided to give you a special promotion: March 16 to 23, in fact, you can take advantage of a discount vaucher of 20 Euros to spend on the whole autumn-winter 15 /16 men’s collection, including items on sale!

Derby shoes, ankleboots, brogues, slippers: and your dad, which shoe is he?

There are so many ways to live your own style. And for each there is a shoe that draws in a perfect manner not only the outfit, but also the character of the wearer. Choose your gifts for Father’s Day among the footwear from Franceschetti: Until March 23, you can use a coupon of 20 Euros on the entire online store men’s collection.

1) Dad Business Man

If your dad is one of those who like always to be impeccable, both at work and in everyday life, the perfect gift is called Derby Genova. This shoe is in calfskin testamoro and is characterized by the bottom double leather and Blake Rapid stitching.

festa del papà

For the business dad, Genova is the Doc model, especially if combined with a black or blue suit with a plain shirt. The touch of class? Complete the outfit with a nice papillon that emphasizes the elegance of the set while avoiding to make it boring.

2) Dad loves comfort

Francesina Autumn: among the gifts for Father’s Day, this shoe is ideal for men who wants to look great without ever giving up comfort. Made of natural calfskin colored by hand, with dovetail detailing and decorative perforations, this brogue has a rubber bottom and a Blake Rapid double stitching. It can be matched to a five-pocket plain pants  and to a blazer, to make the entire light-hearted and glamorous look.

festa del papà

3) Dad sporty chic

The sporty chic dad can not help but love the ankle boot Riccione, the shoe with derby lacing and smooth upper with side zip. Riccione is in black washed calf, with the bottom consisting of a first midsole leather, a second in the para and the rubber outsole, stitched together through the processing Blake Rapid. A pair of jeans with the top flap and a neutral color cardigan and voilà, the perfect match at your closet! Since they are in plain view, special attention should be paid to socks: they are patterned must contain at least one color of the fabric of the pants, if they are plain are strictly combined with the style of the outfit.

festa del papà

4) Dad “Informal”

Gifts for Father’s Day for “informal” man? The slipper Messina is what’s right for you. Characterized by the strap and stitching moccasin, Messina is  testamoro with double leather sole and Blake Rapid stitching. And the right choice for men who want to be “elegantly casual”: just match them correctly and in an instant you can have both formal look and a functional and comfortable outfit, to face off on the right foot the urban jungle!

festa del papà

Visit our store: March 16 to 23 can use a coupon on the entire men’s collection autumn-winter 2015/16, even on shoes already on sale. Thanks to the special promotion Franceschetti, choose your gifts for Father’s Day will become a breeze!

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