Ankle boots Franceschetti: comfortable, of british taste, stylish and Made in Italy

Ankle boot: the perfect model for the new dandys’ Winter

Ankle boots are practical and refined shoes, especially those of Franceschetti, always perfect in every detail. What are the main features of these shoes? Ankle boots are shoes in which the quarter comes to cover the entire ankle  up  to the lower leg. The lacing on the instep is characterized by strings, passing first through eyelets to finish then anchored with hooks, like old mountain boots. This model is mainly suitable for cold season because it keeps your feet warm and protected. There are many variants, ranging from sporty to the more classic and almost elegant ones. They may come from derby or oxford model, but their feature is however to go beyond the ankle.

Ankle boots: tips for guessed outfits

Ankle boots are very versatile shoes, because they are suitable both with tailored pants  and  with jeans. For this cold season Franceschetti designers proposed to the new dandy the latest in comfort, choosing ultra light soles in EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). Escapes in city parks or regenerating outdoor walks will be easier because of wearing a real pass par tout, perfect for the office and absolutely comfortable for leisure. The collection PI50 by Franceschetti, clearly inspired by british taste but revisited in style, is a musthave for FW15-16. The top model is a derby ankle boot with perforations and perforated wing cap in natural calf leather hand dyed with care. It’s also available the bimaterial version in smooth calfskin and grain of rice printing leather. In these ankle boots the calf leather is combined at the top with wool, velvet or fabric. The bottom stock is built and made of microlite midsole and EVA outsole; it is extremely comfortable and lightweight. The colors are inspired by the undergrowth: ocher, sage green and blue.

Ankle boots Pi50 with bottom in EVA Franceschetti

Another more formal proposal is the ankle boot Riccione in black washed calf leather. The main feature of this shoe is the bottom stock, made of leather midsole plus crèpe and rubber sole, stitched with Blake Rapid method. This model has a gritty zip in the inner part. You can wear these shoes with warm cotton pants or with tailored ones, for a more refined but functional look.

Ankle boots Riccione in black washed calf leather Franceschetti

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