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Stylish shoes for man: hand-painted and Made in Italy, they are Franceschetti  

Stylish shoes for man: the passion for luxury starts from the feet

Elegant shoes for man are the preferred choice for those who love luxury and refinement in all its forms: music, art, fashion. At Franceschetti art blends with manufacture. Shoemakers paint shoes like they were paintings. A new line of shoes, called “luxury handpainted”, is born; it is finely painted with brush applying more shades of color. It’s dedicated to the true handmade shoes collectors, lovers of stylish shoes for man. These handmade shoes are finely painted with brush.The manual procedure adopted for the color of the leather makes each pair exclusive and unique. The making is typical of the maison , having double leather sole and Blake Rapid stitching. Technically the leathers used are defined “crust”; natural color calves are carefully hand dyed with accuracy and craftsmanship.

Italian shoes: how Franceschetti shoes come to life

Italian shoes: guide to making quality footwear

Italian shoes Franceschetti are made using the traditional Blake Rapid method. Through various stages of production, each pair of shoes undergoes more than 200 steps. The whole process, from the planning to the packaging , takes about 2 months. The production process is divided into a set of steps and actions, extremely connected, that leads to the creation of components, parts or semi-finished components for the shoe. Italian shoes: production process. Before the production starts, the shoe designer works on the product design. He sets the style of the wood last, he wears it with adhesive tape and draws on it, then he removes it from the last and sticks it on the board , getting the base from which he will develop the model and its individual components.

Handmade shoes: all the steps that give life to Franceschetti’s footwear

Handmade shoes: all the steps that give life to Franceschetti’s footwear. During the preparation of the bottom of handmade shoes, leather soles and insoles are cut from leather. For each last a heel is created, made of leather and /or rubber. The components are assembled and sewn together to make the bottom, then the brand is stamped on the leather soles. The application of the sole defines of upper and bottom. All Franceschetti handmade shoes are sewn with the traditional Blake Rapid method. Once the shoe is on the last, the first sole (middlesole-leather) is applied and stitched with blake sewing machine to the insole-leather and to the calf leather upper. A first adhesive is smeared on middlesole-leather and lasted shoe.

Micam Milano: from 1st to 4th September to present the SS16 collection

80th edition of Micam Milano is starting

Micam Milano: starts the 80th edition, unmissable appointment with fashion footwear in the heart of fashion. This event is very important for Italian shoemakers that hope in a good turnout of foreign buyers , in order to hit sales targets.

Franceschetti at Micam Milano: all new proposals for SS16

For four days the Rho fair will host the Micam Milano to present the SS16 collections of footwear. At Hall 4 Stand C25-29 D26-30 you can find all proposals by Franceschetti, including W.Gibbs and Lendvay & Schwarcz collections.