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Summer colors 2015: pastel shades for men’s fashion

Summer colors 2015: pastel shades dominate men’s fashion with unexpected combinations of nuance and style elements. In the warm season clothing responds to the strict imperative of freshness and convenience to deal with high temperatures, hot winds and humidity. Fashion proposes warm and reassuring colors that celebrate the fascinating style of the twenties and the bohemian and progressive one of the seventies.

Summer colors 2015: color combinations for menswear

Amongst colors, blue dominates the summer 2015 with its endless nuances: sea, black, navy, peacock, petroleum, cornflower, opaline, Klein and Chagall.

Pitti Immagine Uomo 88: men’s fashion for summer 2016

Pitti Immagine Uomo 88, is a triumph of color and brightness, it identifies the style for the SS16. Pitti Immagine Uomo is an injection of energy to the male wardrobe, suggesting that for next summer season you can dare. You can dare with colors, you can dare with mix of styles being always elegant and flawless as the new dandy. What is the secret? Choose an eccentric color and match it with neutral tones or with the timeless jeans.

Pitti Uomo 88:  a color edition for men’s fashion

Pitti Uomo 88: colors explode at Franceschetti and paint classic man shoes for SS2016. That’s Pitticolor it’s the leading theme of 88th edition of Pitti Uomo. As said Agostino Poletto, deputy general manager of Pitti Immagine – Pitti Uomo 88 “talks about color and colors, colors in which we are always immersed, that are around us, that we wear. Colors that we carry on, that are within us and in front of our eyes. The language of color is also one of the basic codes of fashion, and it will bring once again to an energetic immersion into new styles and ways of living. We will speak and plan in color the Pitti of this summer, to look at the world in Pitticolor. ” Sprays of color for Franceschetti SS16 collection. From 16 to 19 June Franceschetti will be at Pitti to present his new collection for SS16. Central hall ground floor stand J10. Come to discover all the news…

Blue sneakers: Conero inspires Franceschetti designers

Blue sneakers and it’s already summer! Sneaker for spring – summer 2015 is in white canvas and blue suede. It takes its name from one of the most beautiful bays of the Riviera del Conero: Portonovo. Here the sea is charming with its shades from light blue to cobalt blue and its beach of white pebbles smoothed by the waves. Do you see a strong similarity between this natural paradise and blue sneakers of Franceschetti? They are the perfect leisure shoe for the new dandy, always attentive to elegance and style. Gritty form, upper in blue suede and white canvas, rubber sole with leather inserts. The lining is in leather to ensure maximum comfort. The blue sneakers Portonovo are extraordinarily adaptable and comfortable, perfect for walking along paths surrounded by nature leading to the sea. You can wear your blue sneakers in all informal occasions where you can easily be yourself : from the ordinary day at the office up to the aperitif at the golf club.

Men’s summer shoes: Franceschetti’s collection for seafarers

Men’s summer shoes are the most important accessory to complete your own outfit in summer. Comfort will guide your choice, because it is in summer that your feet suffer most. Heat is a real pain for our feet and if shoes are not built with high quality raw materials, the risk is that they will turn into a sauna. Soles should be light, preferably in leather and uppers should be in soft leather

Men’s summer shoes: Franceschetti’s proposals for SS 15

Summer means vacation and break, but also work and formal commitments. You should always show up in the best way, distinguishing for refined details. Slippers are the most comfortable shoes for summer: you can slip them with a single movement and they are very adaptable. They can be worn with or without socks, both for the office and for leisure … the option will depend on circumstances, it would rather be better not to do without them for a meeting with the boss .