In the early decades of the twentieth century, in Montegranaro, a little city in the Marche region, immediately after the First World War, Adelio Franceschetti, grandfather of the current owners of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti, started men’s shoes production, completely handmade in the workshop downstairs. His two sons, Annibale and Ugo, soon joined him in the shop and at the end of World War II Adelio established, with their support, the company “Calzaturificio Adelio” of Franceschetti Brothers. They carried on the production of shoes after the death of their father in 1957, changed location several times for their laboratory, until 1965, when it was inaugurated what today is the base of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti. In 1983, with the transition to the third generation, the current company was established under the name of Calzaturificio “Franceschetti Srl”. The company, in addition to its marketing in Italy, begins to export in Austria, Germany, Japan and Belgium. Currently the Calzaturificio Franceschetti, faithful to craft a clear tendency, operating with good results in some of the major international markets, most notably Germany, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong, Austria, France, USA, Turkey and Japan. The key to success was that it had always produced a high range of shoes, mainly in leather, characterized by double-stitched with blake rapid method, hand milling, cladding and colors of leathers always handmade, as befits to the greatest bottier masters. A peculiarity characterizes each brand: the natural tendency of the master craftsmen of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti to excellence and attention to details.


The company operates under three trademarks. In particular, Franceschetti is the brand name linked to the family, with its refined taste and typically Italian lines which best embodies the marriage of design and handcraft made in Italy. The brand Lendvay & Schwarcz is distinguished by the recovery of the traditional classic shoe’s lines from Hungary, which is still a must in the Central European market. The brand W.Gibbs is characterized by the typical English shoe, reminiscent of the classic and timeless taste of Englishmen.